House 02: Day 9

Previous Day: Day 8


Whiskers woke Marc super early so he let him know that he didn’t appreciate it. “I don’t like what you did but that doesn’t mean I don’t like you.”

Whiskers purred really loudly and then jumped from floor to counter to top of the fridge! Marc tried figuring out what’s wrong but can’t seem to understand what made Whiskers look so concerned.

He hears a noise outside and goes to investigate. Perhaps it might be what is making his cat edgy.

WHOOSH! A strong gust of wind catches the underside of his umbrella and flips it inside out.

Marc quickly heads indoors and has a mini rant about the weather. His irritation might even be partially contributed to having to eat and sleep in the same room where Whiskers’ litter box is kept.

A little later, he hears another noise and steps outside to see what it is.

It’s the gardener sent over by Gardeners United.

Her name is Aicha Mansouri and Marc finds himself intrigued enough to want to learn more about this interestingly named sim.
In case you’re interested, the glow comes from doing a Polite Introduction (I believe this is tied to the Good Manners earned trait).

After they talk for a few minutes, he apologizes for having her come out in this rough weather to a garden that doesn’t appear to need any attention and encourages her to head on to her next job for the day.

A good thing too! Yet another lightning strike that hits too close to home.

Marc is heading back inside when he sees the stray cats looking miserable and in need of shelter.

Within minutes he begins to regret his decision to unlock his door. Several start fighting while another one makes a beeline for Whiskers’ bowl as another pounces on his toy.

Marc gives up trying to keep his eyes open and watch the cats. “Whiskers, you’re in charge!” YAWN At first, it seems like Whiskers is successful in herding them out the door but a short while later, several join him in naptime.

Hooray! The rain has stopped. The cats scamper outside and several try claiming all the food. Again. Who could blame the mail carrier in keeping a careful eye on all of them as he makes his rounds?

Marc is rudely woken by the sound of cats fighting. That tan cat attacked Whiskers! He scolds that one and as he is doing so … another cat attacks Whiskers!

Marc scoops up Whiskers and carries him inside. He tosses the squeaky mouse toy and is glad to see his cat relax enough to have some fun.

Time for bed …
Or not. Whiskers once again wakes up Marc. “No, Whiskers! I need my sleep.” Fortunately, it appears that Whiskers understands and he shouldn’t have any more problems with that.

“Nice job, little guy!” Marc rewards his good behavior with a treat.

Whiskers then jumps up on the counter. “Whiskers, no! Get down from there!” Once again, it appears that he understands what Marc is trying to tell him.

“Who’s a good kitty?” Marc croons as he gathers Whiskers in a hug.

A few minutes later …
“Stop that, Whiskers! No clawing the furniture!”

“Two out of three isn’t bad.” Marc decides as he heads to bed. “There is always tomorrow.”

Marc did pretty well with collecting & breeding frogs today. He added some walls and a front door but has a ways to go before he feels comfortable inviting anyone over to visit.

Marc’s story continues in Day 10

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