House 02: Day 8

Previous Day: Day 7


Marc didn’t care for the so-called holiday yesterday and decides that he’ll ignore it the next time it rolls around.

Since he’s up early, he fertilizes the garden before deciding what else he can do before he has to head to work.

The sun is shining and now it’s also snowing. “Such mysterious weather Willow Creek is having today!” Marc thinks as he bundles up.

He quickly does a small collection run and then is off to work.

Hours later …

Marc returns home to sunny skies with slightly cool temperatures. Perhaps this will help soothe the bees.

He calls the Geo Council about a few things he’s collected and is encouraged to send them in.

Nice! The swarm brought another element to add to his collection.

Mike stops by and the brothers enjoy a nice but brief visit. Marc is pleased to see his little brother cleaning up after himself instead of leaving it for Marc to take care of later.

Around the time Mike is leaving, they notice the orange cat arching his back and hissing at the fluffy one. Marc does some quick thinking and pulls out the laser pointer that is attached to his key chain.

He likes this plucky little fellow and thinks the feeling is mutual. Time to offer him a home!

The game had named him Whiskers and I couldn’t think of anything more suitable. Welcome to the Drifter family, Whiskers!

“No, Whiskers! No scratching the furniture!” “Yes, you are a cute cat but I mean it … no scratching the furniture.”

Whiskers heads outside to do a bit of prowling.

Marc might need to consider making him special meals using freshly caught fish.

He might also need to figure out a way to let Whiskers know his personal bowl is inside and to leave the other cats alone.

Marc adopted Whiskers and probably bought more things than he will need or use. He has a bit saved up so it’s time to start thinking of expanding his space.

Marc’s story continues in Day 9

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