House 02: Day 51

A/N: This is a longer chapter

Day 51 (Monday)

Both girls are out of their phases and seem to be getting along this morning.

Ainsley makes Mac and Cheese for breakfast.

Aimee decides to insult her sister’s cooking and Marc nips it in the bud.
Then Aimee backtalks her dad and earns a time out.

Marc tries out a new recipe, Faux Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus.

Ainsley chats with her dad and learns that Aimee plans to move out.
Aimee comes out of time out and immediately yells at her dad.

“That’s it! I have had enough of your sass. You are grounded!”
A/N: I thought grounding would add a second restriction with a different countdown timer but instead it reset the first one (no phone) and has both lasting 24 hours

Aimee realizes she pushed too many buttons and starts setting the table.

Marc breathes a sigh of relief as his girls head off to school.

His breather doesn’t last long.

Marc thinks it’s an excellent use of time management.

Ainsley’s friend wants her to share exam answers but Ainsley refuses again.

Kirk is efficient and finishes in no time.

Marc decides to take advantage of this opportunity to go visit his parents’ tombstones and hopefully meet his nephew, Nash. He arrives to find Nash waiting to greet him!

Here’s a closeup of this little cutie!
A/N: Nash has the Charmer trait

He also meets L. and congratulates both of them on their lovely family.
A/N: L. is a Mean, Genius, Foodie and works at Make a Dish as a Drinkmaster

This visit earns Marc a Pristine Reputation!

He’s having fun but knows it’s time to return home since school is letting out.

The girls do their homework with Marc keeping an eye on them while upgrading the TV.

So far, so good. No fighting or being mean.

Both girls are in bed by 9 pm. I guess this is one way to ensure they behave! LOL

This is a good place to stop.

Bills are paid, food is made and more parts are ordered.

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15 thoughts on “House 02: Day 51

    1. I didn’t want to go this route but am fed up with their bad behavior. It is making me re-think having more than one kid in the family, lol

      I agree! Am looking forward to seeing how Nash looks as he gets older.


  1. Inma García

    How lovely that Marc went to know his new nephew! ♥ He is a cuttie BTW
    Those girls are super funny fighting all day along. Awesome to see them early in the bed. Peace at last! LOL
    Congrats on Pristine Reputation, Marc!

    Liked by 1 person

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