House 02: Day 5

Previous Day: Day 4


Marc wakes with just enough time to grab a bite to eat before heading off to work.

Marc finds an interesting plant tucked among the tulips at the local florist shop. Water and fertilizer aren’t enough to make it grow. Somehow … the plant communicates … that it would like to be fed plasma. Marc tests with a drop and it does wonders. Should he feed it or not?

Marc makes his decision! He feeds the plant and it grows to an extraordinary size. He sells clippings along with exclusive photos and interviews. But Marc has to wonder if this is worth feeling every ache and pain from his “donation” for more than a day.

A sore and very stinky sim heads off to shower. Well, he thinks, at least I have some privacy today. Only one cat and it’s asleep. No Peeping Tom Cat today!

The other cat is patiently waiting by the empty food bowls. Marc fills both bowls and starts thinking about his own dinner.

He gets an incoming text. It’s Ghost Mom wanting to know if he’d like to grab dinner with her at the Steak House.

Marc accepts and heads over to meet her. Make that them since Mike has tagged along! Hugs and welcoming chat fill the air.

Before heading inside, he takes time to meet another possible partner but still doesn’t feel *the* spark.

In the meantime, Mike grabs a bite to eat (A bowl of peas. It’s true! Teens will eat anything!!) and Mom gets something to drink.

Seeing that they’re busy with food and drink, Marc gets busy with meeting other sims.

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Three sims later and Marc still isn’t having any luck with randomly meeting his possible partner. He’ll have to try ordering a pizza (again!) another time.

Some familiar music begins to play, causing Marc to stop what he’s doing and seek out the source. He’s not sure why but he knows this tune …

One of the waitstaff, Kabir Venkataraman, stops working and collapses to the floor. Oh no! Now Marc remembers what the music meant as tears start filling his eyes. The Grim Reaper arrives and quickly harvests this soul.

This outing isn’t quite what Marc or the others expected when they agreed to meet. He hugs both of them, whispering words of comfort and apologies, before heading on his way.

Bonding with bees helps him forget his sadness for a short while but memory returns and it’s one sad sim who grabs a bite to eat before heading off to bed.

Marc made a nice bonus feeding that odd plant. Adding this bonus plus his salary to today’s collecting/gardening/frog breeding, he made enough to buy a bee box and expand his space. I really like that he has a small nest egg left over in case of bills and other emergencies.

Marc’s story continues in Day 6

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