House 02: Day 49

A/N: Another longer chapter

Day 49 (Saturday)

Today is Bunny Day.
(A/N: This is the first holiday I’ve created. Since the game placed Love Day near the end of the season, it was either place it the day after or not at all.)

Ghost Aicha is back and up to her usual tricks!

Aimee spends a few minutes on her project before writing in her journal.

Ghost Aicha visits her eldest and they discuss Aimee moving out.

Ainsley likes to be around Aimee but this makes her sister tense (Distant phase).

Marc is out working in the garden when he comes across something unusual … a small pile of hair or fur, he’s not quite sure which. Then when he heads back inside for a nap, discovers an egg might be hidden in his bed.

Thoughts of a nap are forgotten as Marc goes on an egg hunt.

Sugar cookies will be a nice reward for his successful hunt.

His baking is interrupted when Marc hears Aimee being mean to Ainsley and lets her know this type of behavior will not be tolerated.

As soon as his back is turned, she then hurls insults at her sister. Who is being the mean one here? Marc puts Aimee in a time out.

A fire starts right after he pulls the cookies from the oven.

Marc quickly grabs the fire extinguisher and puts it out.
While not enough to replace the item, the insurance payment is instantaneous.

The Flower Bunny is cute! Tossing petals and dropping flowers is fun to watch.

Too bad the girls are more interested in their own things than doing holiday stuff.

The Flower Bunny visits Ainsley.

Ainsley then turns around and destroys Aimee’s project.
Marc has had enough of this behavior and grounds her.

Maybe this punishment will sink in.
(A/N: I sold the broken project and the one Ainsley was working on. Enough is enough! Neither will be allowed to do any more projects from this point forward)

The Flower Bunny leaves when she starts ranting via her journal.

A little later, Ainsley heads outside and over to a pile of stuff. At first it looks like she is going to clean up but in reality, she’s more interested in playing in it.

Marc cleans up the mess and then chats with his brother.
When Mike starts offering parenting advice, Marc asks him if he’s been reading up on it and finds out that he and his wife are now a family of three. Congratulations, Mike and L.!

Shelves were purchased for displaying the decorative eggs and the stove was replaced because of the fire. Marc orders upgrade parts as needed.

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12 thoughts on “House 02: Day 49

  1. Lusie Dageraad

    Happy bunny day! He did great with finding all the easter eggs.
    I’m glad nobody got hurt during the fire.
    How mean of Ainsley! She deserved being grounded.
    Congrats to mike and L! Did they had a girl or a boy?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, he did. Marc almost found the entire collection!

      I am too. Fires with Sim you can’t control is a scary thing to watch!

      These girls are giving ME gray hairs, LOL

      You will find out on Day 51.


  2. Oh happy Egg hunting day! I have never gotten the egg hunt day in my game! Sure I’m doing something wrong! I love the pic of Marc disciplining the girls, he means business! Oh dear a fire, good thing he got those cookies out of the oven in time! Ainsley has been hanging around her school friend too much an has taken up stomping on stuff! Nifty they have a lot of things they can be grounded from! Congrats on the family of 3 now Mike, super awesome, Marc should warn him about the teen years! Great reading Addy!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I created this holiday and added Flower Bunny and Egg Hunt because they don’t show up otherwise. Create the holiday and have fun with it too 😀

      Yes, he does. I think Marc and Mike were better behaved when they were younger!

      So glad nobody was hurt by the fire.

      Maybe Ainsley has been influenced by Damien or … she might have egged him on from the beginning!

      The Sims team add a lot of nice details to the packs they make and I also like how much variety there is with the grounding and other forms of punishment.

      Marc should, hee hee

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Your Sims have it made & parenting must be a breeze! I want to play the 100 Baby Challenge but can only imagine what they will put me through. LOL

        You want yours to do this? Have them visit … I’m sure Aimee & Ainsley will teach them a few things you would later regret yours knowing. Hee hee hee


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