House 02: Day 48

A/N: This chapter is a long one.

Day 48 (Friday)

Today is Love Day.

The morning starts off with Ghost Whiskers haunting the TV and scaring Marc & Ainsley.

After their hearts stop racing, Marc gives the ghostly cat a bit of love while Ainsley works on extra credit.

Aimee spends a few minutes working on her project.

Uh oh. Whether her Mean phase is the reason or not, Ainsley destroys her sister’s project and gets yelled at by her dad.
(A/N: To avoid Aimee crying each time she sees it like she did with the other one, I went ahead and sold the broken project.)

Marc decides the best way to calm himself down is to go back to bed.

Ainsley grabs her extra credit assignment and joins her sister who is doing homework.

When Aimee heads downstairs to make Eggs and Toast, Ainsley follows.
Ainsley makes a Garden Salad and learns the basics of cooking.
After breakfast, Aimee continues doing her homework.

Aimee does their breakfast dishes and is rewarded for her actions.
(A/N: Aimee is in range to earn two positive traits from Manners and Responsibility. Ainsley is in range to earn three: Manners, Responsibility & Conflict Resolution.)

She also manages to finish her homework just in time!

School has been in session for about half an hour when Ainsley has a decision to make.

Since she aspires to be a Serial Romantic, I figure that she can get a head start. It does NOT go well. Sorry, Ainsley!

A little later, Aimee faces a similar decision.

Seeing how miserable her sister is, she opts to go alone.

Marc thanks Kirk for his excellent work and gives him a tip.
(A/N: Marc doesn’t pay for gardening services because he has the Free Services reward trait. This is very helpful when you’re young and don’t have much money to spare but I wanted Marc to give Kirk something for his time. I learned yesterday that he is unable to “give a tip” once the work is completed so I made sure Marc got there while the option was still available and gave enough to cover yesterday, too.)

A little later …

The girls get home from school.
Ainsley is desperate for fun and Aimee is having a mood swing on top of her phase.
Oh “joy”!

Once again, Ainsley brings Damien home from school and Marc keeps an eye on them while he repairs the broken stereo.

Ainsley would like to be treated like an adult and Marc tells her that “we’ll see what we can do.”

Marc grabs something to eat and joins in the conversation which is when Aimee asks if she can stop going to school. Marc tell her to “don’t grow up until you need to.”
(A/N: By this point, I am simply counting down days until the girls age up to YA. There are too many instances of phases, mood swings & frequent decisions that affect their value system! I wish there was a way to decrease the % chance of these!)

A mood swing means playing LOUD music so Marc decides he might as well have some fun while his poor ears are suffering.

And the harmony is once again short-lived. Ainsley shouts forbidden words at her sister and Marc yells at her for doing so.

Time to send their guest home and call an end to this “fantastic” Love Day.

Money was spent on food, the gardener and adding a few more things to their home.

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6 thoughts on “House 02: Day 48

  1. Lusie Dageraad

    Ghost Whiskers is cute.
    Poor Ainsley. Cool that Aimee had a great time at the party.
    I’m sure the gardener appreciates the tip! I’m always let them work for nothing lol
    Being the single parent of teenagers is not easy! Poor Marc. He is doing well though.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. Lu! ♡
      Ghost Whiskers is adorable! My favorite ghost, I think.

      It’s neat the game offers a Love Day party for teens via school.

      You’re so mean to your gardener LOL

      It sure isn’t easy! I don’t recall Daisy having this much trouble.


  2. I could see Ainsley being the life of the party an not Aimee, so cool to see Aimee stepping out! Wasn’t that sweet of Marc giving a tip, an for what ever reason, I though that was free service was a each time thing and had to purchase it everyday! Look how much I have missed out, will save points to get it next time! Way to go Marc enjoy the music while it last, you will miss those girls when they are gone out on their on! Great reading Addy!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Bree! ♡
      I agree with you. Ainsley seems like she would be the more outgoing one of the two.

      I felt bad for the gardener getting nothing due to the reward trait so I wanted to be sure and tip him each time … especially since his wife was one.

      Am glad my doing this helped remind you of how it worked.

      Yes, Marc will miss the girls once Aimee leaves the nest but I hope she gets to see him a time or two before he’s gone.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Inma García

    Too much ghosts in this house LOL Although Whiskers one is so cute! ♥
    Oh my Gosh! Poor Ainsley! And poor Marc! He has to lead with two teen females!
    It´s always nice to see Damien around ; )

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Inma! ♡
      I agree. Too many ghosts!! LOL

      What a day for all of them! I will be so happy when the girls are grown and these silly phase and such will end.

      Yes, poor Marc is outnumbered and they are running circles around him!

      No playing favorites, LOL, we have to see who else Aimee meets when she is out on her own.

      Liked by 1 person

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