House 02: Day 42

Day 42 (Saturday)

Both girls must have been curious about Marc sleeping outside and wanted to try it too.

Marc didn’t have to deal with walking, talking bears unless they were in his dreams.

Poor Aimee! She has a headache and doesn’t feel well.

Am pretty sure she would have this facial expression if she saw her Uncle Mike.

Aimee returns to the cabin for a nap but her sister turns on the TV and wakes her.

Marc hopes fishing will be fun for the whole family.

Marc and Ainsley catch fish while Mike’s line get tangled in stuff.
Aimee is done but continues to watch the others.
(A/N: For some reason, the game decides Aimee needs more skill in order to fish at thislocation even though she and Ainsley both start with zero fishing skill.)

They head back to the cabin and play some cards.

That goes about as well as fishing does. Ainsley heads off to watch TV and Aimee would rather spend time on her phone.

A little later …

They join Marc and chat while he finishes eating. The guys talk about cats and the girls talk about other animals.
(A/N: I didn’t realize until later that Aimee’s thought bubble could be considered “birds and bees”. LOL)

The guys head outside to toss horseshoes and it’s easy to see who is going to win.
“Nice ringer, Mike!”

The weather is gorgeous but it’s getting too late to go for a hike.

Mike takes a nap while Marc fixes the sink that somebody broke.

Great job, Ainsley!

Everybody else is asleep so Ainsley celebrates by watching a movie. Sims of the Dead is an interesting choice considering you’re in a cabin out in the woods.

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12 thoughts on “House 02: Day 42

  1. Uncle Mike is taking in the vacation all at once, living like he will never do it again :)! Look at that fishing group, super cool they are! Oh dear already thinking of the birds and bees is she! Which one is heir Addy? Great reading!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank YOU for reading & commenting! ❤
      Your doing family meals and outings inspired me to take Mike on this vacation. It could just be me interpreting the thought bubble, lol … I didn’t notice earlier or I would have looked to see if it mentioned them talking about anything in particular.


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