House 02: Day 41

Day 41 (Friday)

Aicha decides to play in Ainsley’s room this morning.
Her haunting the cube causes her youngest daughter to wake with a fright.

Marc is pleased when Aicha briefly joins him at the chess table.

Ainsley calms herself down so she can enjoy her breakfast and ignores the noises coming from outside.

Maybe music will soothe this playful ghost.4

Or not.

Aimee isn’t impressed by her dad’s gluttonous table manners but doesn’t say a word.

Dancing gets her in the mood to work on the school project and extra credit.
Too bad the project she focuses on is not hers.
(A/N: With as often as she cries and bemoans her destroyed project, I thought she would start over when Marc encouraged her. Nope! She began working on the one Ainsley brought home from school.)

Marc admires the front of their home while collecting the mail.

Ainsley joins him in the garden to ask advice on feeling forlorn.

Marc tells her he’ll always love her because he’s pretty sure she’ll argue with him if he says something like “people like you” and then want him to name names.

He lets both girls know he got special permission for them to miss school that day. When asked, he says they have a special assignment before they can start their weekend.

The special assignment?
They’re volunteering their time and effort to a good cause!

Things are going well until Aimee wanders off the path. She looks for a way back but it doesn’t go well. She then realizes she’s been traveling in circles and is embarrassed that she forgot to use her phone’s GPS to navigate so she gives up and heads home.

After their walk, Ainsley finishes her project and works on extra credit while Marc assists Aimee.

Aimee is quick to find any reason to stop working on the project and asks her dad about a textmergency.

Feeling slightly annoyed, he tells her to text again in case they missed the first message.

Mike comes over after work (He’s an Administrator at Knowledge Providers Association) and Marc is ready to set his plan in motion.

“Surprise, we’re taking a family vacation! Your grandparents stayed in this cabin and so did Mike & I when we were young. We’re hoping this family tradition will be carried forward when you two have families of your own.”

Marc heads to the grill and begins making Breakfast Scramble.
Uncle Mike chats with Ainsley and Aimee grabs a bowl of Gumbo from the fridge.

A bowl of Gumbo?
The items Daisy left behind from her trip with the boys are still there!
(A/N: I didn’t check the fridge until I saw Aimee grabbing food. The fish will be used as fertilizer in the garden at home and I’m sure the food will be eaten while they’re here. A bit odd that game mechanics didn’t have the items spoil but it is what it is.)

It’s a little chilly so Ainsley starts a fire in the fireplace while Mike enjoys the fire pit. The other two rest upstairs.

Mike joins Ainsley inside and they chat for a bit before she decides to take out the trash. I guess Ainsley thought the conversation was a bit boring.

No clue why Mike felt the need to add more kindling, but he does …

… which results in THIS !!!

Mike catches himself and the couch on fire!
Thankfully, Marc’s quick thinking saves the day!
The girls rush to safety, Mike heads to the tub and Marc cleans up the mess.

He replaces the sofa and keeps an eye on the girls when Aimee lights the fire again.

Oh dear, Ainsley isn’t feeling well.

Aimee practices the Debate skill before heading outdoors.
She ignores the sinks at home (as well as the trash on the ground) and decides to get water from the fountain outside the public bathroom before taking a nap.
(A/N: The Get Water bug still happens in my game. I can’t stop other Sims but I cancel the action whenever Marc tries to do it.)

Back at the cabin …

Ainsley practices tossing horseshoes because that’s exactly what one should do when they’re dizzy and the brothers catch up on things.

This is a good stopping point.

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10 thoughts on “House 02: Day 41

  1. Aichai is causing a ruckus! How sweet is that, them volunteering! That project just don’t interest her no more! How bittersweet that is, they can still taste moms/grandmas food! Makes me sad in a way that she is gone! I love that you made that a tradition to go back to the same cabin and all! To further the tradition, have one of them leave food in the fridge before the trip ends! Well that’s if they don’t burn the house down! Glad Mike made it though the fire! All the fresh air is making her dizzy Addy, I’m sure LOL! Good thing she was playing alone or no telling where those shoes may have wound up! Great reading Addy!

    P.S. I can see what Marc enjoys the view from the front lawn, the house is beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank YOU for reading & commenting! ♥
      Aicha is amusing but also quite annoying! I thought it would be nice to have them volunteer before starting their vacation but that didn’t go as well as I would have liked. It was strange finding food that way! I like your idea but they’re already back home so perhaps I’ll have them go again if there is time. I didn’t expect Mike to set himself on fire and kept a close eye on all of them after that. I don’t know what made her dizzy but am hoping the illness is a mild one. Thank YOU … I love how the house is turning out.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Inma García

    YAY for family vacation! What a shame that Marc made a fire and Ainsley get sick.
    Aisha dancing with the stereo and playing chess with Marc made me laugh.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank YOU for reading & commenting! ♥
      These are certainly “unique” family memories being created during their family vacation! LOL
      I knew you would enjoy what Aicha gets up to. She’s quite a character!


  3. Lusie Dageraad

    Aisha still ahs got lots of fun at night lol Marc’s handyness skill is probably high by now!
    Funny that Aimee used her sister’s project instead. Poor Ainsley! She will have nothing to turn in.
    The volunteer activities are good to raise empathy.
    Yay! Vacation! But oh no, fire! How scary.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank YOU for reading & commenting! ♥
      Aicha sure does! I haven’t paid attention to his skill level, to be honest. I guess she’s paying Ainsley back for taking hers earlier. I know, that’s why I decided to have them volunteer … neither girl has made much headway with empathy or emotional control. I know!! Really glad nobody was hurt or died from the fire … I was nervous about that & kept a close eye each time one of them went near the fireplace or fire pit after that episode.


  4. gww3

    Lots of people feel like Ainsley , that no one likes them.
    I like the idea of a family vacation tradition. Really helps the family build memories and strong relationships.

    Liked by 1 person

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