House 02: Day 40

Day 40 (Thursday)

Today the twins become teenagers!

Aimee still mourns for her smashed project while Ainsley works on extra credit.

Hopefully it will be a good day at school for both of them.

Marc is able to work from home today.
His assignment is an easy one to accomplish … once he buys a microscope.

Analyzing garners him a piece of artwork similar to one he has on display in the living room so he hangs this one above his desk.

Marc drops by for a chat and a few chess matches.

Ainsley texts her dad for permission to bring Damien over and he declines.
“He needs to learn some manners before he sets foot in this house again.”

Ainsley doesn’t like the answer she got. She leaves an angry note on the bulletin board before starting her homework.

Marc makes Spinach Frittata and then offers homework help.

A little later …

“Are you girls ready to make a wish and blow out birthday candles?”

Up first is Aimee.

Marc makes some joyful noise!

Happy Birthday, Aimee!
(A/N: Normally, I would leave their look alone but the green lipstick is a bit much so both girls will be getting changes to their makeup, outfits and possibly hair.)

Ainsley is next.

Happy Birthday, Ainsley!

Ainsley challenges her dad to a chess match partly so they won’t have to listen to Aimee bemoan her busted project yet again.

Minutes later, she’s taking selfies and eating cake. That’s teens for you!

Marc gets a call about a blind date and politely passes on the offer.

He’s spending time with his two best girls before they head off to do their own thing.

Ainsley enjoys working on projects and is sure to finish this one before Aimee starts hers.

Marc is glad both girls are doing their homework without any influence on his part.

Homework takes longer with one girl telling dramatic stories and the other not feeling her best.

Marc paints a mathematical design and hangs it near the chess table. Hopefully, it will help him focus better.

It’s getting late so we’ll stop here and pick it back up again later.

Marc bought a microscope (work expenses!) and birthday presents for the girls (will be seen in upcoming chapters!). He also paid for art supplies and birthday cake.

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8 thoughts on “House 02: Day 40

  1. Marc I’m so glad that the little mean boy wasn’t aloud to come over, he should practice being nicer to his friends and their family! She got the Erratic trait from her grandma! I don’t blame you the green lips is a bit much! Aimee is a beautiful teen! So is sweet Ainsley and some good traits also! Oh the ladies are already after Marc! Love the make over! Addy that was a wonderful read dear!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ♥ your comments!
      No way was I going to let that boy come over on their birthday and risk ruining it.

      She did (even though we know it came from random rolls but I like the way you think!).

      It was!! Both girls are lovely but I will admit their body shapes surprised me since they were slim children. I don’t mind though, part of their charm is not being perfect cookie cuter Sims.

      Of course they are! He’s attractive, makes good money and has a nice home.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Lusie Dageraad

    I like the artwork from the microscope. Looks good above his desk!
    Happy birthday to the twins! Both looks lovely! Aimee has got an iteresting lipstick. Matches her top though lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! ♥
      I agree. I was hoping for a different design but that’s okay.

      They do! 😀
      That lipstick … yuck. Originally, I was going to leave them as-is but I didn’t like that lipstick and would hate seeing it all the time. Can’t do a makeover on one and not the other. I kept it minimal though.


    1. Thank YOU for reading & commenting! ♥
      The girls are growing up and soon one will be moving out! sniff sniff

      I love doing picture walls! They are an easy way to add personality to a home.


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