House 02: Day 4

Previous Day: Day 3


A quick recap of how things look in the early hours. Not too good.

Marc tries to calm himself down and starts to feel it working. “Hey, kitties, it sounds like the storm is moving on. Let’s get out of these cramped quarters and check things out.”

The cats dash out the door. By the time, Marc gets outside there is a full-blown cat fight happening at the door and in his attempt to avoid it, he steps … slides … splat! Down he goes. Again. Marc heads back inside to clean up and misses seeing which two were caught up in the rumble.

The early morning is a peaceful time and the rain left a fresh clean smell in the air. Marc takes care of his small garden and picks up where he left off in his book.

Now that the weather is better, you can see the progress he’s made with his frog collection.

Marc wolfs down his bowl of granola before heading on a quick collection run before work. He gets partway done before having to meet his carpool.

Marc is tasked with training an intern and has to decide whether to assign them to coffee duty or something a bit more challenging. Marc chooses to ease them into the workload and in turn, benefits from the boost the coffee provided.

He arrives home to a slightly larger building (There is now a tiny bedroom in addition to the bathroom). Marc reads about the benefits of using fertilizers and decides to put what he learned into action.

This calls for a reward! Marc places an order for a pepperoni pizza and it seems like he isn’t the only one wanting to treat themselves tonight.

While he waits, he meets another sim walking past. She’s cute but there just isn’t a spark between them.

Hours later …

Marc comes to the conclusion that pizza just isn’t going to happen so he grabs a bowl of granola before calling it a night. Wasn’t it nice of the cats to warm up his bed for him?

Marc weathered the storm and decided to make space for a bed instead of replacing his tent & running the risk of it getting destroyed again.

Marc’s story continues in Day 5

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