House 02: Day 39

Day 39 (Wednesday)

Ghost Whiskers comes out for a visit.

The girls wake and immediately gravitate toward favorite toys.

Snow is starting to fall again. Hopefully it will be a light dusting and not feet of the stuff.

The girls monkey around before heading to school.
(A/N: I was able to catch the action and it was a bit of playful pushing … glad their relationship didn’t take a dip because it is a mischievous action.)

Marc makes Butternut Gnocchi today. Looks good!
What doesn’t look good? A broken stove.

Guess it is now Ainsley’s turn to try and kiss other students.
Too young for kissing, Ainsley!

I meant to have Marc work from home but didn’t push the button in time. Oops!

It’s the boss’ birthday! Marc wants to get his boss a present but can’t leave work. Decision time!

Ainsley texts her dad for permission to invite Damien over after school.

Ainsley’s school day seemed to have gone a bit better than Aimee’s.

Ainsley plays a tablet game while watching TV.
Aimee takes a nap or tries to. Damien followed her upstairs.

Damien then goes downstairs and makes Ainsley cry.
She holds her own by fussing at him and then laughing over the whole thing.

Hopefully he will learn from this.

Or not.

Oh dear. Damien decides destroying Aimee’s partially completed project is a good idea.

Poor Aimee.

Marc arrives home and quickly accesses the situation.
“Young man, that is unacceptable behavior. You need to apologize to Aimee before you head home. Now!”

Uncle Mike arrives while Marc was upstairs having a chat with Damien.
He quietly pulls Aimee aside and encourages her to start over and offers to help.
(A/N: Aimee left it as-is and did something else instead.)

A little later, the girls head off to bed.
“Night, Dad! Night, Uncle Mike!”

“Thanks for dropping by when you did, bro. Raising girls on my own is not a walk in the park.”

His work in the garden maxes the Gardening skill.
Congratulations, Marc! Now you need to max the Logic skill and that sweet promotion will be yours!!

Marc spent money on food. Tomorrow is the twins’ birthday and he has a few ideas on what he wants to buy them.

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10 thoughts on “House 02: Day 39

  1. Lusie Dageraad

    I think I need help to find ghost whiskers in the first picture…lol
    Oh no! I never saw a destroyed school project. Poor Aimee! Damien is mean. They should not invite him again.
    That promotion is getting closer and closer!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He is!

      Thank you, I do too. He frequently drops by when they aren’t home or have just gone to bed. He needs a girlfriend! The game needs to give him one!!

      Thanks! Next step, master the logic skill.


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