House 02: Day 37

Warning: Lots of pictures even after I pared them down!

Day 37 (Monday)

Today is Rebate Day. There will be a major shopping spree later on!

We pick back up with Aimee still mopping the ground.

Gotta love erratic Sims!

Especially when they tell stories or talk to themselves.

Poor Ainsley! She doesn’t feel well today but that doesn’t prevent her from washing her sister’s dish.

It looks like Aimee got fed up with Ainsley’s teasing from the day before.

Doesn’t look like it gave this clingy Sim much satisfaction though.

Ainsley takes the teasing in stride and doesn’t let it prevent her from creatively expressing herself.

While Marc is gardening, he hears a familiar sound and stops to watch the train go past.

Ainsley follows her dad around while he’s gardening so he offers to continue their chat over a game of chess.

Time to go to school, girls.
(A/N: They seem to be in a cycle of going to bed early & waking early which means they are tired when they get home from school. It is what it is when you don’t control their actions, lol)

Ainsley notices the potential cheater again and decides to take a different approach.

She confronts the girl but it doesn’t go in her favor.

Marc leaves a note for each daughter before heading to work.

As soon as he is gone, the renovation crew gets busy.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(A/N: Still more to do around the house but this fulfills the requirement of a 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom home worth at least $40k)

Marc gets a call from the school.

He tells them she’s too young for kissing and they discuss how the matter will be handled.

A little later …

Marc has some free time on his hands and has to decide what to do.

Aimee texts her dad to get permission to bring a classmate home from school.

Both girls had a good day at school.

Assigned school project: Medieval Castle Diorama … her teacher really wants her to complete this particular assignment!

Assigned school project: Solar System

Ainsley grabs a nap while Aimee grabs a snack and chats with Damien.

He teases her (a lot!) but Aimee doesn’t let it bother her.

Ainsley keeps him company while he does homework so Aimee can have some time to herself.

Marc arrives home with a big smile on his face … he got the promotion he wanted!

He adds the artwork to the wall. It looks good with the others!

Marc meets Damien who is a cheerful fellow and smiles when all three get busy with their homework. His smile gets brighter when he sees Aimee working on her project.

He spent so much time chatting and observing the kids that he didn’t make it to bed in time. Poor Marc!

The girls had no trouble getting to bed when they needed to.

A good bit of their savings was spent during the renovation but it’s well worth it.

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7 thoughts on “House 02: Day 37

  1. Lusie Dageraad

    Erratic sims are very funny. I like how you included the train in your story.
    I love the family board. I especially like it when they leave pictures or drawings.
    Looks like you had a fun shopping spree. The house looks great!
    I love the rainbows above their heads when they game back from school. I never saw it. Maybe I should check more often when they come home from school.
    How cute she invited a boy. You know what it means when a boy teases you! lol
    Congrats on the promotion!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading & commenting! ❤
      They are and because of Daisy, I have an idea on what to expect.
      First time I noticed the train, lol
      Thank you very much! have a few more things I want to do but need to earn the money.
      Yes, you should. I happened to see them and now try to take a look more often.
      LOL … maybe, maybe not. Time will tell.
      Happy he got it. One more to go!!


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