House 02: Day 36

Warning: This is a long chapter because I took A LOT of pictures.

Day 36 (Sunday)

Aimee wakes early and spends a little time working on her school project.

Ainsley thinks the house looked better with decorations.

Ghost Whiskers is tuckered out after visiting both girls.

After his catnap, he lets Marc know he’s hungry.
(A/N: I first came across ghosts eating food in Sims 3 and it threw me for a loop. Still does! LOL)

Seeing the food being gobbled reminds Marc to go eat breakfast.

Ainsley joins him and he is taken aback by her language.
“There will be none of that kind of talk, young lady!”

This is the perfect time for a learning opportunity! Marc teaches her how to say sorry and is pleased when she appears to be getting it.

What he doesn’t get is having to repair the sink after upgrades were made to reduce breakages. “How often would this break if I hadn’t done that?”

Ainsley goes outside to shovel show and Marc bites his tongue so he doesn’t say anything about her not wearing a coat. “You have to pick your battles.”

Mike texts while Marc is upgrading the girl’s toilet, asking if he could give Marc’s number to a friend. Marc gives his okay.

The snow is starting to thaw.

Kengo Watanabe drops by and Marc takes time to greet him in case this is the friend Mike wanted him to meet.

A little later …

He assists Aimee with her school project but stops to have another chat with Ainsley after she insults her sister. “You may not always get along but you don’t need to go out of your way to say hurtful things to one another.”

Mike calls to invite them to his birthday party and before he says yes, he looks over at both girls. “You need to be on your best behavior or we will leave the party early!”

The girls look cute in their party dresses and the guys clean up nicely, too.

Marc gets nostalgic when he looks at the house where he grew up.

Marc congratulates Mike and they reminisce over old times.
Ainsley happily finds the lump of clay.
Aimee chats with a fellow named Naoki Sakamoto.
(A/N: Aimee surprised me by doing this because she’s still in the Clingy phase.)

It’s nice seeing the kitchen and Daisy’s painting again.
The caterer, Advik Trivedi, makes BLT Sandwiches before going upstairs to play on the computer. He forgot about the pancakes he was also preparing.

He comes back downstairs to … make Run Oolong tea.

Marc plates the pancakes. His actions cause him to max the Cooking skill!
(A/N: At this time, all but two of the requirements are done for this house! He needs to finish the house and raise the heir to the YA stage.)

Marc takes a quick nap while the others chat.

Ainsley also needs a nap but chooses to do it in the hot tub after she finishes her Black and White Cookie.

Mike ages up while the two of them are asleep.
Happy Birthday, Mike!

Aimee chats with the caterer while Marc wishes Mike more Happy Birthday well wishes.

The caterer starts fixing yet another platter of pancakes.

Birthday pancakes are nice but we were all hoping for Birthday CAKE!

“It’s time for me to round up the girls and head home. Happy Birthday, Bro!”

(A/N: I feel bad for Mike! No other guests and he didn’t do anything to make it a better party. Wish townie Sims could do party tasks autonomously.)

Marc finds Ainsley in the kitchen, eating a burger and not being too happy about it. “You could have picked Pancakes or had another Cookie. Let me find something to soothe your tummy while I look for your sister.”

He finds her chatting with Mike and quietly asks his brother for something to help Ainsley.

Eventually, both girls are good to go and they head home.

“Awww … all the snow is gone!” says both girls.

Ainsley heads straight up to bed.
Marc plants strawberries before turning in.

And Aimee …
mops puddles in the yard.

Marc fed Ghost Whiskers and bought a seed packet. He lucked out! It had 3 strawberries in it.

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10 thoughts on “House 02: Day 36

  1. I agree Addy the girls are really adorable in their little party dresses! I do wish they could to Addy, it was super fun visiting the first house and Happy Birthday Mike! Its still awesome to see the last name Drifter, super creative dear Addy! Your homes are super lovely!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree, Bree! They are. ♥
      It was nice and a little sad seeing the first house, knowing Daisy and Marcus aren’t there. The Drifter name might end with Mike … he’s still single and not a father. Thank you very much. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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