House 02: Day 35

Day 35 (Saturday)

Today is New Year’s Eve.

It won’t be the same without Aicha but they will try to have a good holiday anyway.

Ghost Aicha has slightly different interests from when she was alive.
(A/N: Aicha rarely read because she was too busy playing with toys or the dollhouse. LOL)

As a ghost, she is finding another way to make her presence known. She breaks the sink, tub and toilet in the guest bathroom … then seems like she is blogging about it.

The girls wake and do their own thing. Aimee works on extra credit while Ainsley plays.

Marc isn’t feeling well when he wakes so he grabs a glass of orange juice.

Aimee expresses interest in being a ninja when she grows up.

Marc encourages her to practice her hiding.

Marc then makes what he hope will be an easy resolution to keep.

There are plenty of things to do around the house. Marc asks Ainsley to take out the trash and has Aimee mop the bathroom after he finished fixing everything.

Better late than never! Marc and the girls open presents.

An overly eager Ainsley is up first.
She gets a +1 Future Cube and can’t help her initial reaction upon seeing it.

Aimee goes next and is quite pleased with her “Lots of Love” Bear.

Aimee obviously loves her gift while Ainsley gives what appears to be a forced smile.

Marc opens his gift last and is happy with the Phozone he got.
(A/N: I found his reaction amusing. I had no idea he wanted an element!)

Upon seeing the pile of open boxes next to the tree, Marc announces they’ll clean up the mess and put away the decorations later.

He then pulls out a small bag of noisemakers plus other things from behind his back and lets the girls take their pick.

After playing with the noisemakers and confetti cannon, Ainsley heads upstairs to work on her project while Marc helps Aimee make some progress with hers downstairs.
(A/N: I had Marc encourage Aimee to work on her school project and learned that she doesn’t consider the one she was given as hers. Routing error thought bubble. Ainsley doing the initial work apparently turned “ownership” over to her. Since the school assigned the project to Aimee and not Ainsley, I purchased one so she could get credit … once it’s completed. She keeps walking away!)

A little later …

Marc decides to improvise while making omelets.

The day passes and then it’s time to count down to the New Year.
Aimee joins Marc in front of the TV as each tries to be louder than the other.
3 …
2 …
1 …

Perhaps next year Ainsley will be able to make it.

Marc bought the school project and ingredients for fixing food. Monday is Rebate Day and he made plans for the money that’s been saved. The girls gave input, too.

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10 thoughts on “House 02: Day 35

  1. Inma García

    It´s lovely to see how Aicha is caring of the family even as a ghost.
    I love how you made the stairs corner, Addy.
    Very lovely New Year celebration ♥
    I loved this chapter. Thank you
    (Sorry for the love and lovely repeat but it´s so lovely and I loved it so!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Lu! ♥
      She went from playing with toys and talking to plants to … reading and breaking things. She is definitely one of a kind! LOL As holidays go, this one wasn’t too bad.


    1. Thank you, Jude! ♥
      Keeping track like I do means it takes longer to play but it works for me. I’m one of those people who likes to balance to the penny and am always asking Mr Addy about things he bought if I don’t have a receipt for it.


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