House 02: Day 33

Day 33: Thursday

Ainsley wakes first.
She reads the note Aicha wrote before grabbing leftovers.

After breakfast, she tries visiting the kids chatroom but it’s hard to see what she’s typing through her tears.

The others aren’t doing any better.

Marc tells the girls he called their school and his boss, letting both know what had happened and got permission for all of them to take a day off.

Ainsley heads upstairs and starts working on the medieval castle diorama.
Marc offers assistance but Aimee would rather sit and watch them do the work.

Poor Marc! He’s feeling itchy and has red splotches on both hands, his neck and all over his face.

“Girls, where are you going? I’m not going to do your work for you.”

After doing some research on the laptop, Marc discovers that hot tea is supposed to help soothe symptoms. He makes a pot of green tea and gulps it down.

One of the saddest sounds is hearing his girls cry. Whether in the closet or under the bed covers, Marc can hear them no matter where he is and it breaks his heart.

Uncle Mike stops by and offers Aimee a comforting hug.
He waves to Ainsley and Marc but doesn’t interrupt their conversation.

Aimee takes out her frustrations on the pile of snow but that isn’t enough because she then insults her sister. Marc stops what he’s doing and lets Aimee know how disappointed he is by her behavior.

“I know you’re sad and missing your mom, we all are. However, that doesn’t mean you can says things to further upset your sister just because your heart hurts. All of our hearts are hurting right now so we need to show each other love and support as we work through this. Together.”

A little later …
The girls work on their own but are at least peacefully sharing a room.
“Thank goodness.” Marc thinks.

The Chemical Reaction Volcano is done and it looks neat!

A broken sink is anything but neat.

Marc does the supper dishes and checks on the girls before placing a call to the Sadness Hotline. He welcomes any advice they have with helping his girls cope with their loss. He has a lot to think about but that doesn’t prevent him from sleeping.

Marc buys the tea brewer and makes a small pot which helps cure him of his ailment. He continues saving money because he wants to make a few big ticket purchases during Rebate Day.

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10 thoughts on “House 02: Day 33

  1. I’m happy Marc and the girls got a day off, and of all the times to get sick! Oh my Gosh I can’t ever get my children to finish them super awesome on finishing the school projects! Sounds like Marc has a plan and is sticking to it! Great read Addy!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank YOU for reading, Bree! ♥
      They really needed it. It was so sad hearing the girls cry throughout the day.

      The tea did the trick this time. I’m sure there will come a point when I need to buy medicine.

      Ainsley loves doing the school projects and often works on them. Aimee has to be told to do it and keeps walking away … it is so frustrating!

      Yes, yes the plan is in place & I look forward to sharing the pictures in a future chapter!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. BIG gentle Hugs!
        Drama in movies, books and other forms of entertainment is one thing but it’s beyond annoying when people think nothing of stirring the pot over and over again. Wishing you peace of mind and sturdy boots so you can kick that nonsense to the curb and wash your hands of it!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading! ♥
      I enjoy when the family spends time together. At least he was able to overcome whatever it is that he had, whew! They’re neat … if you can control the Sim which you can’t in this challenge. But if I could I know the girls would rock the projects. ALL the projects! LOL


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