House 02: Day 29

(A/N: Last folder containing screenshots from August 2019 as well as January 2020.)

Day 29: Sunday

Ghost Whiskers seems to do in after-life what he did in life.

Aicha might be older but she’s still as playful as ever.

Aimee enjoys watching The Khlumzee Sisters while her sister enjoys breakfast with Dad.

Marc sneezed while chopping veg and even he was taken aback by it.
(A/N: Especially now, it’s important to not cough or sneeze around others or food so we’ll treat this as a moment where Marc carefully washes and dries the veggies before continuing cooking.)

More coffee for her and minestrone for him.
Aimee lets him know that the toilet is broken.

While he fixes it, the girls keep their mom company.

Ainsley is an imaginative, creative child.
(A/N: Am not sure what Aimee was up to as there weren’t any screenshots to “fill in the blanks”.)

The twins now have a bathroom of their own upstairs. It’s so pretty!

Marc took new pictures of the girls to add to their family wall.

The focus today was getting a second bathroom ready for the girls.

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