House 02: Day 28

(A/N: Another folder of screenshots from August 2019.)

Day 28: Saturday

It’s a cold winter’s day. Snow and ice as far as the eye can see.

“Mom! Dad! Why are you still in bed?”
“It’s early and I don’t have to work today.” mumbles a mostly sleeping Marc.

Aicha gets up and has breakfast with her daughter before making a pot of coffee.
(A/N: Look up coffee addict & you’ll find Aicha’s face somewhere in the article! LOL)

“Good morning, sis!”

Ainsley asks her mom for some advice.

Ainsley looks a bit sad. Could it be because she has to eat breakfast instead of having fun like her sister is doing?

Aicha spends a few minutes joking with her daughter and turns her frown upside down.

Marc checks the mail and finds birthday gifts for the girls. Gifts that neither are interested in so with their permission, he trades them towards the cost of a puppet theater.

Aimee needs no prompting to do homework while Ainsley is told to work on hers if she expects to get any more new toys.

Mmm … minestrone is perfect for a day like this!

Aimee also approaches her mom for advice.

Apparently what she was told made her happy so she asks for more advice.

The afternoon goes quickly with talks and toys as well as a few chores.

Let’s not forget the importance of taking a nap.
(A/N: Marc is heading toward being 3/4 done with the requirement of sleeping 24 hours while outside. Yay!)

Marc would put the coffeemaker away but it makes his wife happy even when the girls are bickering behind her.

As long as she isn’t going around with a face like Aimee’s, he figures things are fine and she has her caffeine levels under control.
(A/N: LOL … gotta love those erratic Sims! They makes the funniest faces when interacting with “invisible friends”.)

Other than trading in toys for the puppet theater and THREE pots of coffee, Marc & Aicha didn’t spend a lot of money today.

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12 thoughts on “House 02: Day 28

    1. Thanks for reading Lu! ♥️
      Yes, it is! I enjoy taking pictures of the snow especially since we don’t get it here. I agree, quiet days at home are nice. 🙂

      LOL … it’s been a while since you were on House 02 so your forgetting that requirement doesn’t surprise me. It’s fun sharing this ride together and am enjoying peeking at what the future holds for my Drifter family while reading your story!


      1. Lusie Dageraad

        No i had other requirements because when I played it I didn’t had the outdoors living pack. So i never completed that aspiration yet.

        I’m glad to hear you enjoy my drifter story!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Lusie Dageraad

        i checked the rules. you are right. my sim must probably have slept outside for 24 hours too! lol i though it was a requirement of the outdoor Enthusiast aspiration (which i have never completed)

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Aimee is a big help around the house, watch her wash them dishes! The puppet theater was a grand idea! Oh that is a very cold area to take a nap! Loved today’s read Addy, Thank you for sharing with us!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading, Bree! ♥️
      Yes, she is. Not always but today she was, LOL
      I’m looking forward to seeing them as teens because I really want to see how their looks age with them. I think both girls are lovely!

      I hope they use it. Haven’t used this item before & want to see it in action.

      It is but you do what you have to do to get those 24 hours done.

      Liked by 1 person

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