House 02: Day 25

Day 25: Wednesday

Aicha reads to Ainsley while Aimee plays nearby.

Aimee achieves L3 in the Thinking skill.
Ainsley achieves L5 in the Imagination skill.

Aimee and Ainsley enjoy chatting with one another.

Aimee achieves L4 in the Communication skill.
Ainsley achieves L5 in the Communication skill.

Aicha talks to the girls about trying something new foods when she notices them looking oddly at their plates.

Hours later, their empty plates sit on the table while she brews yet more coffee.

Marc gathers the harvest from the frost covered plants and trees before heading off to work.

He gets a text from his brother during his commute that makes him smile.

Marc fires off a text, “Little bro, you were there and part of the reason it was a HAPPY Birthday! Love you man!”

A little later …

Marc’s boss offers him the chance to do extra training.

Of course he takes advantage of this opportunity! When the boss mentions something along these lines, it’s worth the time and effort to brush up on a few skills.

Back at the house …

Aicha brews yet another pot of coffee.

Aimee is using the potty when mommy comes in. That’s not unusual since she often comes in to watch the girls and make sure they’re doing what they are supposed to. But this time … Aicha undresses and takes a bath.

Aicha walked in on Aimee but she’s the one with the privacy invaded! moodlet.
I don’t understand it either, Aimee.

She made sure to bring her coffee mug, too.

Aicha left the bathroom but came right back in to give Ainsley a bath.

Then it was Aimee’s turn for a bath. Aicha didn’t notice what Ainsley was getting up to since all of her attention was on the daughter in front of her.

Addy’s Note: Feeling happy that both toilets are clean and have been flushed. But still … ewww!

Aicha takes a much-needed afternoon siesta.

Ainsley goes outside to play in the snow before joining her sister and sharing their love of dolls.

Then it’s Aimee’s turn to go outside. Each time she comes back in, Aimee gets a big hug from mommy!

Aicha is glad both girls are back inside where it’s nice and warm. It’s freezing outside and looking out the window, she can see kids that aren’t dressed appropriately for the weather.

Marc arrives home from work happy that he reached L7 in the Logic skill but is even happier when … he COMPLETES the frog collection!

Addy’s Note: For those interested, Daisy completed this on Day 22.

He checks the mail and is pleased to see birthday gifts from his brother and dad.

Addy’s Note: The notifications came a day or two before but I held off on mentioning until the gifts arrived. It’s my first time seeing these … they’re really pretty!

Ainsley achieves L3 in the Potty skill. Both girls are fully trained in this area!!

Marc makes meatballs and the delicious aroma fills the air. Yum!
Ainsley chats with him while he eats and his wife grabs a slice of cake to go with her coffee.

The sink breaks while Aicha is doing dishes so Marc grabs his tools and gets to work.

The sink isn’t the only thing that breaks. He lets Ainsley know that this type of behavior is unacceptable. “I love you but not the choices you are making right now, young lady.” After a comforting hug, he starts to put things right here too.

Even Whiskers comes out to get some love from Marc!

Ainsley achieves L4 in the Movement skill.

For some unknown reason, Aicha has begun sleeping upstairs. Perhaps she is testing out the safety, durability and comfort levels of the beds they bought for the girls.

Marc & Aicha purchased a few things so they could display the lovely gift plates. They also added flooring and wall treatments to finish off the landing and the upstairs bath. They are holding off on making further purchases so the girls have say in personalizing their rooms.

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