House 02: Day 24

Day 24: Tuesday

Aimee wakes and tries to find the noise. It’s daddy working on the big potty!
Marc sees his daughter and stops what he’s doing so he can watch her stack blocks.

“Good job, Aimee!”

Toddlers tire easily and Aimee heads back to bed. Marc smiles at his wife in passing as he heads outside to take care of the garden.

Before he knows it … it’s time to head to work.
Aicha sees her husband off, letting him know how attractive she finds him.
Marc now walks with an extra spring in his step!

She shovels some snow before heading inside to warm up.

Aicha wonders why some sims aren’t ill since they don’t wear a jacket or sweater over their uniform.
Addy’s Note: Mail carrier on the left and scout on the right.

She continues to ponder this while watching Aimee use the potty.

Or perhaps her mind is on making a snow angel while still keeping an eye on her girls.
Addy’s Note: Not sure why this happened, but if you follow me on twitter or are in the same Sim FB group you’ll know I asked for advice on how to remove it since it could not be deleted.

Meanwhile …

Marc needs a new challenge at work and has to decide how he’ll ask his boss.

He presents suggestions and is happy it works in his favor.

Back at home …

Aimee is crying because she misses her daddy and Ainsley is making yet another mess. Unfortunately, mommy doesn’t seem to notice or react to either situation.

Ainsley heads outside to continue with her artistic endeavors and Aimee follows, trying to figure out why.

Around this time, Marc arrives home. He’s happy because his hard work garners him a promotion and the extra simoleons are greatly appreciated.

Aimee greets her daddy with a hug. Awww … how cute!

Marc cleans up the snow angel so he can head into the kitchen and bake his birthday cake because TODAY is his birthday!

He invites his brother, Mike, over and is pleased when he offers to mop up the mess left on the floor.

“Okay everyone, it’s time!”
Mike tosses confetti and Aicha blows a horn before singing the birthday song while Marc makes a wish.

Happy Birthday, Marc!

Mike offers congratulations and Aicha lets him know that his getting older hasn’t changed anything. Yowza! “Okay, you two! Get a room!” jokes Mike. The guys eat cake while Aicha plays with the toy cat.

Aicha heads of to bed and the brothers enjoy a game of chess before Mike heads home. Happy birthday, big brother!

As midnight rolls around, the family is sound asleep while the snow continues to fall.

Daily expenses were kept low so the improvements made upstairs wouldn’t deplete their savings. There’s still more to do, lots more!, but every little bit helps.

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For those who experience snow angels inside their builds, Vihisha (creator of the Drifter Challenge) came up with a solution that worked! She’s used it on plates and things that couldn’t be deleted.
1. Move nearby objects or they’ll end up in the household inventory.
2. Build walls around the snow angel to create a room.
3. Delete this room.
4. Replace flooring and return objects to where they were.

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