House 02: Day 23

Day 23: Monday

Yesterday Aicha enjoyed a successful New Skill Day and Marc did not.
Addy’s Note: As noted in yesterday’s chapter, she gained one level in one skill (Parenting) and he gained one level in three skills (Gardening, Handiness, Parenting). Thankfully, there wasn’t a moodlet tied to this or I would have been irked!

Look at who stopped by!

Ghost Whiskers still enjoys napping on the couch.

But he has also picked up the ability to haunt things. Marc calls him over to the couch for cuddles since the girls are still asleep.

Ainsley wakes first and grabs a plate of garlic noodles. Yum! Afterward, Marc helps her go potty and offers comfort when she has an accident.

He has just enough time to mop up the mess and wash his hands before heading off to work.

Aimee watches Ainsley crying because she’s sad that daddy has gone away. Aicha talks to a few plants before returning inside to play dolls with Ainsley while Aimee loves on Mister Bear.

It’s nice seeing the girls getting along.

They enjoy talking with mommy and then each other.

Aicha checks on Ainsley and plays Mama Bear while conveniently not noticing what Aimee is up to.

A little later …

She simply smiles as Ainsley heads toward the front door.

Wheeee! Ainsley giggles while tossing snow in the air and watching it fall to the ground.

Meanwhile …
Aicha is playing with the toy cat and Aimee is expressing herself. Again.

Ainsley comes inside to warm up and get a hug from mommy.

Me too! Me too!

While Aimee is hugging mommy, Ainsley plays in the garden.

Then all three settle down for an afternoon siesta.

Marc arrives home at 5 pm and promptly pays the bills.

Upon entering the house, he sees sleeping girls and messes to mop.

Soon after the girls wake. Marc gives Ainsley a bath while Aicha teaches Aimee about basic needs using flash cards.

He starts to fix pancakes and is glad he decides to do so because Aicha isn’t liking the last of her birthday cake.

The evening winds down for some and seems like it’s just starting for others. Marc is feeling tired but isn’t sure he wants to leave Ainsley free to roam after hearing about her outing from his wife who seemed pretty unconcerned about it.

Skills Gained
Aimee: gained a point in Communication, Imagination, Potty & Thinking. ALL skills are level 3 or higher except for Thinking which is L2.
Ainsley: gained a point in: Communication, Imagination and Potty. ALL skills are level 3 or higher except for Potty which is L2 & Thinking which is also L2.
Marc: gained a point in: Cooking (L6), Logic ( L6) and Parenting ( L7).

They’re saving their money and only bought the basics as well as paid bills because the twin’s birthdays are coming soon.

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