House 02: Day 22

Day 22: Sunday

TODAY is New Skill Day!
Oooh, look! Several birthdays will be celebrated this week!!

The day begins with the toddlers sleeping, Aicha playing with their dolls and Marc beginning to make improvements in the Master Bathroom.

Marc heads out to do a collection run and is surprised to see sims wearing shorts. Brrr!

By the time he reaches the community garden, a fine blanket of snow covers the ground.

Heading home and seeing how cozy it looks makes Marc smile really big.

Marc sets the thermostat to warmer before giving Miss Stinky a bath.

He and Aicha have no clue how Ainsley was able to set the plate where she did. “Maybe she’ll be an athlete some day and compete on an international level!”

knock knock
Mike stops by.

Inside the house …
Marc abruptly wakes from his nap because he hears the door and the commotion in the next room. Aicha is fussing at Aimee for hitting her sister.

He lets Mike in from the cold and tells Aimee know how disappointed he is in her behavior.

It turns out she acted up because she’s really tired so Marc reads her a story about a bird alone on an island, looking for someone to play with. Hopefully it will lull her to sleep while teaching her a valuable lesson in friendship.

As soon as Aimee is settled, Marc calmly talks to Ainsley about not making a mess and starts teaching her how to say sorry.

Addy’s Note: After Mike went home, he calls Marc to invite him over. Marc declines. A little later he contacts Aicha about the event at Studio PBP but she was already in bed so Mike gets another decline. The poor guy must be pretty lonely … no job, no roommate or romantic partner.

By the time midnight rolls around, most are sleeping. Marc had taken a couple of naps to get him through the day and now enjoys the sound of silence.

Since it’s New Skill Day, let’s see how everybody did.

Aicha – went up one level to achieve L5 in the Parenting skill. This caused her to complete the tradition “Skill Improvement”.

Aimee – went up one in four toddler skills. She is now L2 in Communication, L3 in Imagination, L3 in Movement and L2 in Potty skills. She also has L1 in Thinking from before.

Ainsley – went up one skill in the five toddler skills. She is now L3 in Communication, L3 in Imagination, L3 in Movement, L1 in Potty and L2 in Thinking.

Addy’s Note: Toddlers ignore the tradition “Skill Improvement”.

Marc – went up one level in three skills. He is now L8 in Gardening, L7 in Handiness and L6 in Parenting skills. He has yet to complete the tradition this holiday and might not have time to do so.

Marc bought winter decorations for their table and a coffee maker for Aicha, which she promptly used! They’re saving their money because birthdays are coming soon and they’ll need to be able to furnish one bedroom, if not two.

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