House 02: Day 20

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Day 20: Friday

Marc and Aicha has a successful holiday yesterday. The girls did not.
Addy’s Note: I’m surprised the game gave the girls “x holiday was awful” since I think they’re too young to understand holidays.

Aimee had a bad nightmare.

She wants her Mommy!

Oh, dear. Aimee was so scared, she had a little accident. Aicha comforts her, changes her diaper and cleans up her mess.

Mommy helped. Now it’s Daddy’s turn.

Even though he only slept for 2 hours (yikes!), Marc smiles and gives his daughter Papa Bear as requested.

Aicha and Mister Teddy kept an eye on Ainsley. Whiskers made sure the floor is comfy for the little sims.

Marc and Aicha grab a short “break” from the girls and take care of their garden.

Whiskers wakes .. walks over to his food bowl .. and plops down.

What happened next came as a surprise. Noooo! It’s too soon!

The Grim Reaper quietly collects Whiskers after making sure everything is in order. Marc isn’t sure how much of this Aimee understands.

Aimee takes her cues from Mommy and Daddy so they comfort her as best as they can.

Marc thanks Grim for the gentle caring service he provided for their beloved Whiskers.

It’s too late for Marc to take the day off so he heads to work.

Aicha’s crying by the urn. Ainsley wakes and cries because Daddy isn’t there but Aicha is too emotional to be able to soothe her daughter’s sadness.

Aimee is too busy watching Grim who seems unnerved by Ainsley’s tears.

Grim departs and Aicha pulls herself together so she can comfort the girls to the best of her ability.

It seems to be working.

Hearing Ainsley babble to Mister Teddy makes Aicha smile.

This, however, does not. Aicha scoops up her daughter and quickly takes her to the bathroom.

Three might be a crowd in this small room but Aicha doesn’t say anything because her girls are having fun.

“I tired, Mommy!” says Aimee.

Ainsley wants her turn too. “Bubbles pwease, Mommy!”

Aicha is quick to take care of their needs and gains a level in the parenting skill as a result. Hooray!

A sad Aicha crawls under the covers and has a good cry.

Then it’s back to taking care of the toddlers. Aicha tells a story about a red bird, making tweets and whistles that cause the girls to giggle with glee.

A little later …

As soon as they are happily playing, Aicha mops up the mess made during bath time bubbles.

5 pm rolls around
Marc arrives home, happy to announce his promotion!

The phone rings as he walks in the door. It’s Mike, wanting them to go to a festival but Marc declines because he already has plans.

Then someone else calls to invite them to a Talent Showcase. “Some other time. We’re already watching some budding young talent.”

Marc teaches basic shapes and Aicha points out colors while they make learning fun.

Mike calls to offer condolences and offers to meet them at the steakhouse to lend an ear as well as a shoulder to cry on. Marc sadly declines.

About five minutes later …
ring ring

Mike calls to invite them over. Marc has to decline again. “Sorry, we’re just not good company right now.”

“That’s enough, young lady. Bedtime!”

Her firm yet gentle ways brings Aimee and Aicha closer together.

It also gives Marc time to fertilize their plants and mourn Whiskers without upsetting the girls again.

If the mountain won’t come to …
Mike stops by, determined to be there for his big brother. Marc lets him know how much he loves and appreciates him.

They add much needed supplies to the kitchen and bathrooms. Marc also buys a nightlight in the hopes that it will keep further nightmares at bay. Or was it monsters under the bed that his Mom said the light is good for? Either way, it’s sure to be a comfort for the two girls as they go to sleep or wake in the early morning.

Marc’s story continues in Day 21

17 thoughts on “House 02: Day 20

    1. No, you didn’t miss anything. I should probably have explained it in a note … Vi has various milestones that must be completed in addition to the house and sim requirements. This one is nap or sleep outside for 24 hours. I was able to get 6 hours done before winter set in with freezing temperatures. Brrr!

      ETA: I will do a listing of all the requirements and how Marc did during the final wrapping up of this house.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. No …? Interesting.
      I can’t recall if Marc had it when he was young but Aimee and Ainsley have both experienced it at some point. Marc was Independent so I’m wondering if that has something to do with it. The girls are Angelic and Charmer if I am remembering correctly.


      1. I confess to you that I have only played 3 toddlers in my main story (I move slowly) .. although 2 of my characters are preggos now and 8 (and I swear my game hates me on that one 3 sets of twins all bad.. well the lat two time will tell) in my 100 baby (2 are not toddlers yet) and one in my simself story .. so I have not played many toddlers LOL

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      2. Glad you’re having lots of fun with the story you’re creating during the playing of this long challenge because that will keep you going when times get tough/rough for your sim and her sanity!

        Each time I see your title “She-a-Ho” I have to laugh but … I had no idea you were putting your simself through this. Oh my! What did she ever do to you to make you inflict this upon her, lol

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