House 02: Day 18

Previous Day: Day 17


With two babies in the house, new parents need to sleep while they can.

Because this precious sleep will always get interrupted!

Aicha’s help with Ainsley caused her to earn L2 in the Parenting skill!

“Synchronized Bottle Feeding” is something that brings quick relief to the little ones as well as the ears of Marc & Aicha!

Marc’s care of Aimee made the two of them become Good Friends.

Marc handles diaper duty and making another platter of Fish Tacos (after washing his hands, of course!) so his wife can grab a meal in peace.

Although I don’t know if she’ll have peace of mind after seeing him handle the knives like that! LOL

Making the second platter of Fish Tacos resulted in Marc reaching L5 in the Cooking skill :cooking: which unlocked the Gourmet Cooking skill meaning that Milestone II: Forest Scout is now complete!

Marc savors the flavors of the freshly made food while watching Aicha love on Whiskers. Could life get any better than this?

While Aicha inspects the garden, Marc calls Kindly Caring Inc and requests a Nanny. He knows she’ll need a second set of helping hands when he heads off to work in a few hours.

Marc earned enough points to buy the Free Services Trait from the Rewards Store!

Nanny Masato Fujita arrives and promptly gets to work. He checks on both girls and then makes a platter of Garlic Noodles.

Time for Marc to go! He gives his wife a hug and tells her that everything will be okay and to be sure to take mini breaks throughout the day.

Nanny Masato and Aicha divide the duties between them. He handles the girls and she …

… the garden.

Aicha’s friend, Andrea, texts congratulations and she hopes they can get together soon. It’s been a while.

Aicha is pleased to hear that Nanny is willing to do light housekeeping chores as well.

Poor Whiskers is missing Marc! Aicha explains that he has gone to work and gives him extra love to tide him over until his sim gets home.

“Taking care of twins isn’t as bad as I thought it would be!”

“Even Nanny has time to read a book.”

“I don’t know why Marc was so concerned about my being able to handle it.”

Meanwhile …

Marc’s garden laboratory has shown exceptional growth. His secret … gardening gnomes. Does he publish research on them or keep them a secret?

Marc decides to keep mum. The gnomes only appear in his area and might not want others knowing about them because it might turn their pleasure into pain. If the other botanists know, they’ll demand their services and right now, the gnomes are doing what they want … when they want … without any pressure from Marc. They’re happy. He’s happy. He decides to keep it this way!

Ghost Marcus texts Marc that he heard he became friends with the Nanny.

This completes the Make a Friend requirement in Milestone III: Wilderness Explorer. Hooray!

At 3:20, Nanny informs Aicha that his shift has ended and he can’t stay because he has a jet waiting to take him to his next client.

Aicha is sure she can handle it. Marc will be home at 5:00 and can take his turn then.

A tired sim arrives home and tiptoes past his sleeping family to go get a little shuteye himself.

His brain won’t shut down though. There is too much to do so he takes a sleep replacement elixir and starts again on his honey-do list. Marc is sure the twins or Aicha will let him know if his set of helping hands are needed.

*ring ring*
Mike wants to know if Marc wants to come over and chill out but he declines. “Sorry, bro, I have to take a raincheck. Aicha has been home all day with the twins and my going off now would not be a good thing.”

Five minutes later …
*ring ring*
“Maybe a change of scenery and fresh air would be …” “No, Mike, it wouldn’t! Not tonight, man.”

Marc handles diaper duty and cuddle time while Aicha does her own thing. He’s glad to be able to give her downtime and the twins aren’t too fussy so … he’s got this!

Their bankbook could use a boost so Marc asks Aicha if it would be okay for him to gather things from the garden and go on a collection run.

“Of course! Go and do. I’ve got the girls until you get back” is what she tells him. But what she thinks while he is away tells another story! LOL

“That wasn’t too bad. This time.” Aicha says as she heads back out to the garden.

Caleb stops by and introduces himself. What Aicha doesn’t realize is when they ask “how are you?”, sims aren’t really wanting you to do a tell all. TMI, Aicha, TMI

Aicha goes back inside and chats with Ainsley. “You and your sister will soon be waddling around like baby ducks. Your birthday is almost here!”

Marc arrives home a few minutes later and greets Whiskers. “Hello, fellow. Where’s Mommy?” Whiskers is happy to show him!

Whiskers wasn’t using his pet bed so Marc bought a rug that all three of them could enjoy. No more cold toes or paws! He also added a sliding glass door between the dining/kitchen area and relocated the garden. The front has a little more room and is better suited for creating a small play yard when the time comes.

Marc’s story continues in Day 19

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