House 02: Day 17

Previous Day: Day 16


Marc knows the kitchen is dirty but feels pretty confident about his ability to make this sink self-cleaning so he grins and laughs off Aicha’s obvious attempt at being funny.

The only water puddle is the one that happens when she goes into labor at 4:30 pm!

Is Marc’s panic caused by first time father jitters or by Doctor Rachid Al Habib (a member of the Mixing Crew Club … known for mixing drinks & frequenting bars!)?
Oh dear. Hopefully he is sober now and has steady hands!

The best way to check in? Stand in front of the receptionist and have several contractions! Marc figures it’s best to sit down … out of the way … and let his wife do her thing.

Hope that smile means he is confident in his abilities and not trying to cover up a liquid lunch!

Uh oh! Which door did they go in?

Things seem to be going well. For the most part. The bit about the heart has Aicha giving the doctor the mom stare/glare (got to start practicing it at some point!) and then, Marc comes in … not sure if he wants to see what he’s seeing but knows he needs to be by her side or else. TWO made this happen so two are going to see it through.

Awww! It’s a GIRL. Welcome to the family, Aimee!!

Wait! There’s more …

Awww! Another GIRL. Welcome to the family, Ainsley!!

And now I can reveal the Fall Lot Traits: Party Place, Great Soil and On Ley Line.

While the doctor is preparing the birth certificates, the new parents immediately begin the bonding process.

Welcome home, Aimee (yellow bassinet) and Ainsley (pink)!! Whiskers comes & check things out before heading outdoors but thankfully there wasn’t any hissing from him.

Aicha and Marc step outside to take care of the garden and bees after the girls settle down. Aicha stays near the window so she can keep an eye on them.

They know they are going to need all the sleep they can get, while they can get it!

They made further improvements in the kitchen and their bathroom as well as purchased a few safety devices.

Marc’s story continues in Day 18

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