House 02: Day 16

Previous Day: Day 15

Day 16: MONDAY

At breakfast, Aicha talks about all the things they’re going to need when the little one comes and Marc nods encouragingly while he listens but … seems to be more focused on what he’s eating at the moment.
Gotta LOVE the Glutton Trait! LOL

He decides to work from home again since Aicha might need him and is pleased that his previous work garnered a promotion.

Aicha inspects the garden while Marc does a bit of research on their plants.
He’s asked to splice a plant (again!) and doesn’t have one available. It will be interesting to see what happens at the end of his shift because of this.

“No, Whiskers! Do not play in the trash!” Marc is happy that his cat seems to understand this is something he shouldn’t be doing.

On the other hand … it will take more than one lesson to stop Whiskers from eating trash.

Marc’s brother is having a birthday party and after talking it over together, they decide to go.
Aicha is getting close to going into labor and if she does while at the party, it will certainly make it a memorable one! LOL

It’s nice seeing Mike and even nicer seeing him celebrating with a house full of people.
The pizza guy is a guest! The caterer (in the black uniform) entered the house before him.

Chef Arjun Parikh made a sugar-free carob coconut cake and Marc adds candles.”Make a wish, little brother!”

Aicha (with her cute baby bump!) seems to be holding court while sitting in the computer chair so Marc takes this opportunity to let Mike know he’s going to be an uncle soon.

Oh, no! The chef broke the stove. Marc lets his brother know he has things under control and as soon as he is done, the chef starts making another sweet treat.

Going to this party is a great idea! Marc gets to see his brother and is happy to see him doing well. Socializing tipped the scales enough to earn him a Great Reputation. Way to go, Marc!

Look who else came to the party!

All good things must come to an end. Marc and Aicha thought it was a good party … Mike seems to be a tougher critic than the two of them.

What a disappointment! Marc was busy keeping an eye on Aicha and attending his brother’s party that he forgot to splice the plant like his boss requested. Getting no pay for the day is a harsh punishment and one he won’t easily forget. With a little one on the way, he really could have used the money!
Working from home is a good thing … as long as your sim does the task! It was interesting to see his workday last until the next morning which would give plenty of time for doing the task under normal circumstances.

Expenses were kept low today because they’re saving up to get things for their child.

Marc’s story continues in Day 17

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