House 02: Day 15

Previous Day: Day 14

Day 15: SUNDAY

Cleaning the bathroom first thing in the morning isn’t fun but getting rewarded sure is!

Marc takes a photo of Aicha to hang on their living room photo wall.

They get invited to go to the Flea Market. Hopefully, they’ll find something nice!

Marc spies an interesting piece of furniture and decides that a $25 savings is worth hauling it home. He plans to paint or stain the wood before placing it in their bedroom.

He looks around to show his wife but can’t see her at any of the stalls or tables. Aicha took shelter from the light drizzle and decided to try the karaoke machine. Marc’s impressed.

Unfortunately, the applause isn’t reciprocated when Marc gives it a go. Aicha leaves partway through the song … to go fix herself a drink.

With a baby on the way, hopefully that’s a non-alcoholic Juice on the Rocks.

Maybe she liked his singing after all. Or perhaps the liquid libation gave her courage for a little PDA.
Either way, Marc isn’t complaining!

The sky grows darker and the light drizzle gets heavier. No sense in risking catching a cold so they decide to head home.

As soon as they arrive home, Aicha receives a text regarding a club gathering at the StrangerVille Information Center and they decide to attend.

Aicha reads various books but Marc sticks with the Parenting book he brought from home. His persistence pays off … he gains further knowledge that is sure to be beneficial down the road.

The club gathering ends and they chat for a little while before heading home. Look at her cute baby bump!
Gotta love when the game has sims talking THROUGH bookcases instead of moving to stand in front of one another.

By adding a door and buying a few things, the master bedroom now has a half bath. Eventually, this will become a full bath but for now the second toilet is much appreciated.

Marc’s story continues in Day 16

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