House 02: Day 14

Previous Day: Day 13


Aicha is feeling festive … at first. A broken sink and an upset stomach causes her to retch when she uses the bathroom after breakfast. Perhaps the breakfast pizza is past its prime.

“Don’t drink that, Whiskers! We have no idea what’s in it.” Fortunately, Whiskers learns not to drink from puddles.

Marc gets busy in the bathroom … repairing the sink, cleaning the gross toilet and mopping the floor. By the time he finishes, Marc looks and feels pretty grungy himself!

Nothing like similar interests to keep a relationship thriving!

Mike stops by and Marc challenges him to a game of chess since work wants him to improve his logic skill. They’re fairly evenly matched and both are happy with the end results.

Mike heads home and Aicha shares some wonderful news. She’s PREGNANT!!

They sit down and start discussing the upcoming changes to their home. Marc seems to be mainly focused on making sure there will be enough beds while Aicha gets excited over their having parties to celebrate special milestones. Either way, it’s going to take quite a few simoleons to make things happen.

Aicha opts to eat healthier and makes salad for her meal while Marc works on upgrading the plumbing.

*GASP!* Daisy’s spirit is fading! Marc checks to see if Aicha wants to go but she’s happily visiting with Sara Ponce so he kisses her forehead before heading over to his childhood home.
I had to do some quick lot editing since the game placed Nanny Sasuki’s tombstone on top of Daisy’s. Marc tethered the spirits of Daisy, Cookie and Nanny (Marcus didn’t need it) while he was there.

Marc prepares a family serving of fish tacos. Yum!
Once he cooks another family serving and unlocks the Gourmet Cooking Skill, Marc will have completed Vi’s Milestone II: Forest Scout.

*YAWN* That will have to wait until another day.

Salads are tasty but there’s other food to try so Marc bought a stove and expanded the counter space in the kitchen. He also bought a book on Parenting in order to get a head start.

Marc’s story continues in Day 15

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