House 02: Day 13

Previous Day: Day 12

Day 13: FRIDAY

Aicha woke up in a playful mood.

She jumped in mud puddles and ran around, head back … arms out … humming a happy tune.

Even slipping and falling down on a non-muddy spot didn’t damper her mood at all.

Everything is going Aicha’s way today! Whiskers enjoyed getting cuddles from her and they became friends.

Oh! TODAY is Whiskers’ birthday!!
I really wasn’t expecting this to happen so soon!

Aicha is the perfect partner for a sim in the Gardener career! She enjoys helping out and often manages to do it before Marc wakes up.

It’s so sweet seeing how much these two love each other! They frequently do autonomous romantic actions. Yes, yes … we love you too, Whiskers!!

Marc and Aicha receive several congratulation messages from family & friends.
No gifts though.

Oh dear. It appears that the laptop scares Whiskers.

Aicha and Marc find other things to do that won’t upset their furry friend.

Marc’s club application got approved! He joined the Page Turners Club (same one that Aicha is a member of).

It’s a small group but Marc isn’t complaining, It will be easier to meet at the various libraries and leave plenty of seating for other patrons.

This library is fairly busy! Just look at the amount of people going in and out the front door. Wait a second … the other club members are among those leaving! Guess the gathering is done.
Marc and Aicha were reading book after book (con: they read for a short while and then change books, never finish reading any!) when I suddenly realized that they were the only sims around. Shingo left at some point and Pierce followed a little later.

Marc gave Aicha “the look” and they headed home. With her birthday looming closer (Tuesday!!), they are beginning to run out of time. Tick tock. Can you say biological clock?

“Whiskers! Bad Kitty! The floor is not your litter box.”

“Really?” ‘Yes, your furry fussiness … I’ll go and scoop your barely used box.”

Marc isn’t sure what caused their stinging frenzy but something sure upset the bees today.

OH???!!! Does this mean what I hope it means?

“No, Whiskers! No begging for food.”

Who knew that disciplining the cat could be such a messy job!

A short while later …

That’s better!

“Who is the hunter and who is the hunted?” Whiskers knows but isn’t saying! Marc doesn’t notice anything because he’s too busy on the phone with the Geo Council.

As soon as he finishes his call, Marc joins his wife. Whiskers comes in a little later and plops down on the floor.
I should probably buy a rug since the silly kitty won’t use his pet bed.

The exterior color/pattern has been chosen (finally!) and a laptop was purchased so Marc could order parts. Other than that, not much happened today.

Marc’s story continues in Day 14

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