House 02: Day 12

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Whiskers isn’t acting like his usual self so Marc tries to find out why.

It looks like his cat is sick. Time to take him to the vet!

Marc reassures him as soon as they arrive. “Don’t worry, little guy, you’ll be feeling better in no time!”

He checks him in and hopes the wait isn’t too long. Marc’s worried because that dog looks like whatever he has might be contagious!

Whiskers’ name gets called and Dr. Gherda takes them to Examination Room No. 1

The diagnosis reveals that Whiskers has Gilded Guts Disorder and the vet carefully explains the various options to Marc.

His cat is worth the best and Marc tells the vet as much. “Hold still, kitty. Here comes your medicine.”

The effects are almost immediate! Marc is glad to see Whiskers perk up and is about to thank the doctor when he notices him talking to … nobody.

This reminded him of his mom so a smile of remembrance is briefly seen on Marc’s face as he tells the doctor “thank you and goodbye”.

Marc decides to work from home so he can keep an eye on Whiskers.

“Here’s our nice comfy couch so relax and take a nap. I’ll be right outside tending the garden and will be back in to check on you in a few minutes.”

Whiskers followed Marc around, opting to snooze at his side. Their relationship has developed to the point where they’ve become Companions (the pet equivalent of Best Friends!).

After ensuring that Whisker was fine, Marc took care of his work-at-home assignment: splice a plant. He collected a sample from his Basil plant and grafted it onto his Sage plant. He’s looking forward to harvest time!

As soon as this plant reveals a harvest (Basil, Sage, Parsley), Marc will be able to complete Milestone I: Greenhorn. Before Parsley is collected, he has harvested 9 of the 10 required different types of plants and caught 5 fish in Sylvan Glade.

Lunch time. Marc decides to make fruit salad and is pleased with how well it turned out.

While eating his lunch, Marc sees a wet bedraggled cat come in the door. “Whiskers” What am I going to do with you?”

Time to invite Aicha over and see if they’re compatible. Wish Marc good luck!

How can he resist a sim who immediately flashes crazy eyes at him? LOL

Marc invites her in for a game of chess and begins to turn on the charm.

When he feels the moment is right, he asks her to be his girlfriend but … experiences a moment of doubt when she looks down at the floor …

Marc was so happy when she said yes, he couldn’t stop himself before literally jumping for joy.

He decided to throw caution to the wind and swooped in for their first kiss. Thankfully, she was receptive or that could have been embarrassing!

Might as well go all out. Marc asks Aicha if she will do him the honor of becoming his wife and she says … YES!!

A short while later …

They arrive at the special place that Marc has been looking forward to sharing with that special someone!

They exchange vows followed by rings and then share a first kiss as a married couple.

Congratulations, Marc and Aicha Drifter!

The next step is an obvious one: move in together!

Now is a good time to get to know Aicha Mansouri Drifter a little bit better! She’s mastered gardening and has dabbled in a variety of things. She also wishes to have a big happy family.

Her personality (traits) should keep things interesting!

She is well on her way to earning a pristine reputation but, but, but …. has a birthday coming up! She will soon be an elder.

Guess they will start trying for a family sooner rather than later.

This has been a very eventful day for Marc! A visit to the vet clinic followed by soothing angry bees and then working from home. In the afternoon, he did a quick shopping trip and sped things up in the relationship/romance department. Hoping it all works out for him!

Marc’s story continues in Day 13

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