House 02: Day 11

Previous Day: Day 10


“Good morning, sleepyhead.”

Marc heads outside to begin analyzing his plants and Whiskers keeps himself occupied with Mousie.

A short while later, Marc sees Whiskers drinking from a puddle. “No, Whiskers! You probably don’t understand me, but not all groundwater is safe to drink. I don’t want you to get sick, little guy.”

Whiskers might not understand the bit about the puddle but he does know that he likes this particular sim. He gives great belly rubs!

The neighborhood pizza guy obviously pays attention to his customers if this text message is anything to go by.

Raining outside? No problem when there is a comfy couch to sleep on and a post to scratch.

Must have been a small band of rain because it was gone by the time the mail carrier arrives.

At the end of this workday, Marc’s supervisor calls him into the office and lets him know he has a decision to make. He can develop his artistic side as a Floral Designer or delve into the science side as a Botanist.

He doesn’t need to think it over because Marc knows exactly what he wants to do!

He plans to hold on to the Cowplant Berry for the time being. Work might task him with doing something with one and he wants to be ready in case that happens!

Marc checks on his bees before heading inside..

“Sorry, Whiskers. This is my dinner!”

Marc planned to get a few things done before calling it a night but … the comfy couch called to him. Zzzz …

The promotion bonus and a decent collection run in addition to breeding frogs means that it’s time to make a few home improvements.

Marc’s story continues in Day 12

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