House 02: Day 10

Previous Day: Day 9


Marc didn’t have much free time before heading out so was pleased when he found a moment to take a break while at work.

He decides to research art and finds a few that he can easily incorporate into his day-to-day tasks. He’s pleased with the results and so are his co-workers.

He won’t be pleased when he gets home and discovers that he left his door unlocked!

ring ring
Marc is surprised to get a call while at work and even more so when he sees the name pop up on his screen. “Mike? Is everything okay?” Then it dawns on him. “Hey, buddy. It’s almost the middle of the day … why are you calling me when you’re supposed to be in class?”

Mike doesn’t stay on the line long after that question gets asked.

Whiskers is cute and friendly. This sim came over to introduce himself while walking past their property.

Hours later …

Marc arrives home and receives a bit of sad news. Nanny Sasaki has passed. Hmm … maybe this is what Mike was trying to tell him earlier.

Aicha stops by and her warm, friendly smile is sure to help take his mind off of sad things.

The house is quite bare inside (as in nothing to do!) so Marc suggests they look at clouds together.

Aicha carries most of the conversation and her stories soon have both of them laughing together.

There is something about Aicha that calls to him and he enjoys looking at her face, watching as different thoughts/emotions flit across it.

Her suggestive joke gives him a suggestion of his own … Marc starts flirting with her …

It’s a back-and-forth kind of dance. Some of the conversation seems a bit flirty but mostly, it’s a lot of friendly chat. Neither seem to be know whether they’ll become really good friends or something more.

Marc decides to grab a selfie of the two of them.

He also has them share phone numbers.

More chat and a bit more flirtation. Eventually, it’s time for Aicha for go and Marc pulls her in for a big hug before saying goodbye. “Goodbye for now. I hope to see you soon!” he says.

Whiskers follows his sim around because he seems to be lost in thought and needs watching over. He wants Marc to stay safe … especially when he’s messing with those buzzing stinging things.

Whiskers sacrifices dignity to draw him out of his funk. “No, Whiskers! Stop scratching the furniture!” This isn’t as fun as he thought it would be so Whiskers decides to find other fun things to do in the future.

Purrrrrrrr … much better!!! Don’t stop!

Marc found a few nice things while collecting and was able to start making progress in the open living area. Hopefully, he can add more stuff soon and be able to invite company over.

Marc’s story continues in Day 11

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