House 01: Finale

Previous Day: Day 61

Note: At this point, I am doing nothing except watching and taking screenshots.
Note 2: I am showing highlights from their last days instead of writing each day separately.

Day 62 (Friday)

Even though they are grieving the loss of their mother, both boys go to school.

While they’re gone, the gardener comes and a filthy Cookie guards her favorite things. This includes … a broken toilet.

Marc receives test scores that are lower than he’d hoped they would be. Re-taking the test resulted in a lower score than before. Bummer.
I meant to select “Accept the Scores” but accidentally clicked the other one. Oops! Sorry, Marc.

Ghost Daisy stops by for a visit after school and the entire family is very happy to see her.

The broken toilet doesn’t seem to bother anyone as they go about their business. Maybe Mike is pretending that it’s a waterfall.

No skill gains today.

The gardener cost $121 and is the only change to the bank balance on Friday.

Day 63 (Saturday)

Ghost Marcus came to visit in the early hours. Mike woke and decided his bed was more comfortable for homework than anywhere else and … it gave him a chance to wish his big brother a Happy Birthday when he woke.

The house is getting filthy without Daisy there, keeping on top of things. Mike mops the bathroom and Ghost Marcus scoops the dog poop but Cookie would much rather see her bowl being filled. Poor Cookie!
Note: I used the Hand of Sim twice and fed Cookie. I didn’t want to risk her being taken away (she received no food on Friday and they weren’t feeding her on Saturday) while I decided whether she stays with Mike or Marc.

There. That’s better!

Marc spent the day playing with clay or socializing on the computer. Mike ate chips for breakfast (Picky Eater phase) while watching tv and then went up to keep his brother company. Marc then helped him with his homework.
Marc does homework without being prompted to but Mike hasn’t reached that stage yet. It was nice seeing Marc help him which resulted in homework being done that otherwise might not have been.

Marc fixes the upstairs toilet. Hooray! However, a downstairs toilet and upstairs tub also break and nothing gets done about either of them.

Marc grills burgers for dinner.

Both head to bed fairly early. Poor Cookie wants to play and has no one awake to do so!

Mike increased the Mental skill by one point.

Then Marc’s BIRTHDAY happened.
Note: This post would be really long if I included the birthday images so be sure to click on the link and see what happened next.

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