House 01: Day 9

Previous Day: Day 8

Day 9 (Monday)

Ugh! Thank goodness it’s Daisy’s day off. She has a lot she needs to do! Freshen up, shower, eat, have fun … order doesn’t matter. Wait, maybe it does in that a shower MUST come first. P-U!!!

While Daisy is getting ready to face the world, she missed meeting the mail carrier and … DHRUV???! Why isn’t he oh-I-don’t-know IN JAIL? Good thing Daisy missed crossing paths with him or accidentally letting him know where she lives.

Daisy introduces herself to Bobby. Such a sweetie! “Who’s a handsome boy?” A masculine throat clears behind Daisy.

Daisy enjoys getting to know Marcus Flex. He’s an active, noncommittal bro.

Before he takes his leave, Marcus admires her frog collection and doesn’t show fear around the strays. The dogs aren’t sure what to make of Marcus. Daisy agrees with Sergio: “It’s great to have a friend like Marcus!”

After her collection run, Daisy pay bills and carefully transplants the garden. Then she heads inside to give the new floors a durability test.

Here’s a quick peek at the improvements Daisy had her contractors do. A floor plan of sorts is starting to appear.

Time for a quick, easy dinner. “Hey dogs, this is MY sandwich! Go eat your kibble!” “Oh, wait … you little pigs looks pointedly at Noodle already did!”

ring ring “Sure, come on by!” Wow, Caleb showed up quickly. He must have been calling while walking towards Daisy’s Place. They have a nice time playing chess and becoming friends.

This was an enjoyable day off and now Daisy is tired. Good night & pleasant dreams.


Daisy’s story continues in Day 10

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