House 01: Day 8

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Day 8 (Sunday)

Her work shift starts at 9 instead of 8 so Daisy feels she has more time to eat breakfast, pack a lunch and check out the weather forecast so she knows what kinds of day to expect.

She also has time to garden and learn about her plants.

After leaving kibble for any dog that should happen to drop by, Daisy is ready to go to work. Her attitude is the best it’s been in a long time.

Her luck continues! There’s an empty desk and Daisy quickly sits down before another officer notices. Her analysis of the witness statements reveal another clue: Suspect is wearing a tank top. Daisy can issue an APB but chooses to look over the evidence and lab reports one more time.

Her attention to detail allows her to discover two more clues: Suspect has blond hair AND is a female. Take that, Eric Lewis!!

The thermostat shows that it’s hot outside so Daisy decides to do much-needed duties around the station. Like … take citizen reports … not that she uses her time to scope out potential dates or anything like that.

Lunch time. A meal packed with love gives a nice mood boost but Daisy is glad nobody can see her pitiful attempt at making a salad. They’d probably tease her about burning boiling water or some other nonsense!

It also gives her a chance to chat with Don after lunch. He’s easy on the eyes and willing to discuss case theories, but she’s not sure if a work relationship would be a good idea or not.


Daisy does a quick collection run and returns home to a full house. She cautiously introduces herself to Noodle. Noodle is a jumpy, playful troublemaker. Noodle also has tired looking eyes … so tired … Zzzz …

Daisy misses looking outside and seeing the neighborhood stalker … erm, vampire out on his evening stroll. Again. How strange that he is similarly dressed like the fellow behind him. Is it “Dress Like a Twin Day”? Daisy must have missed seeing the memo.

Looking good, Daisy!

Daisy’s story continues in Day 9

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