House 01: Day 61

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Day 61 (Thursday)

Cookie is in heat again. Daisy held off on an additional procedure when she was at the vet’s office, but wishes she had taken care of it. Poor, Cookie!

Mike decides to do extra credit work and figures Daisy’s bedroom is the best place in which to do it. He finishes just in time, too! Off to school they go.

Daisy takes a vacation day because she has a few things she wants to do (planning a birthday party for Marc and upgrading appliances). She’ll get to those after feeding Cookie and meeting the new gardener, Aicha Mansouri.
Not sure what happened to Fatima. She is still alive since the family saw her at Granite Falls over the weekend so perhaps she has a new schedule or quit the career altogether.

Marc notices a notebook left behind, sitting on a sink in the boys’ bathroom. It belongs to his academic rival! Marc opts to return the notebook and is pleased when the boy invites him to his house to study sometime.

Daisy collects the harvest and fertilizes the plants while Aicha waters and weeds the plants. They work well together and Daisy gives Aicha a $100 tip for her efforts.

Daisy heads inside to cool off and plans a birthday party at their house (cost $100) before getting started on upgrading the dryer. She is adding a tungsten drum so it should break less often.

She isn’t done when she suddenly stops doing what she’s doing because …


At this point I took pictures of Daisy’s progress:
She completed the Collector aspiration and was almost done with Super Parent.
As soon as Marc had his birthday/aged up … this would have been completed! She was sooo close!!

She reached L10 in the Detective career.

She maxed Cooking and Parenting skills as well as being close with several others. Not bad for a sim who started off with no skills … no career … no money … and almost no clue on what to do.

Most of her inventory items went into the family inventory, but the potions (several aren’t pictured because I bought them at this point) went POOF! once she was gone. Bummer, but good to know for future sims.

She went from zero reputation to a pristine one, meaning sims reacted positively to her and she had an easier time making friends. Traits were added as she earned satisfaction points and by the end, she was doing quite well for herself.

She completed the frog collection (picture taken when it was completed) and had partial completions in several other collections (gardening, fishing, elements, crystals, fossils, MySims trophies) but I forgot to take a screenshot of this. I felt one complete collection is sufficient.

The Grim Reaper arrives and starts making his way to where Daisy is.

He took the time to be sure he was collecting the correct soul before raising his scythe and severing Daisy’s. Cookie served as the lone witness and stayed by Daisy’s side the entire time.

It seemed like the Reaper was going to stay and pass on the sad news to the boys but he left before they arrived home from school.
He is very familiar with this routine and might wish to limit how many he experiences each day.

This is a sad, sad day for Marc and Mike.

Ghost Marcus offers to take the boys to the park but Marc isn’t feeling up to company and politely declines. Maybe another time, dad.

Each handles grief in his own way.

Marc eats a meal that mom made, chats with friends and does his homework.

Mike naps, frequently forgets what he’s doing to cry and alternates that with trolling teh forums.

Around 7 pm, Mike goes to bed but isn’t there long before he hears something under his bed. Big brother Marc is happy to come in and spray for monsters.
I found the timing of this to be particularly interesting since Mike rarely has this issue.

Mike isn’t sure what to do when Marc crawls under the covers and has a good cry. A few minutes later, he is done and starts talking to Mike about what they should do from this point forward.

Taking care of Cookie is one of the things they need to figure out.

Daisy will definitely be missed!

Neither made any progress with skills so I won’t bother with sharing their stats.

Daisy scheduled a party (it’s no longer on the calendar: possibly because of her passing since she was hosting it) and ordered parts to upgrade the dryer (didn’t finish this and no one else is handy … or able to be controlled). Things are going to be different without Daisy bringing home a salary or taking care of the plants as well as the family.

It is very odd watching Marc and Mike go about their business without being able to control them!

House 01 story continues in Finale

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