House 01: Day 6

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Day 6 (Friday)

What in the world is that ruckus?

It’s Shelby. Not sure what she finds of interest in the bush, but hopefully it isn’t a raccoon or rats.

Noodle seems to be quite a pig when it comes to food.

This must be THE night for hearing and seeing odd things!

A-ha! Mystery is solved. Shelby chases 6 or so birds out from the bush and several leave feathers behind.

What now, Tetsu? (It’s really weird. He did several rounds of her neighborhood & wore a different outfit each time)

Her morning routine is usually pretty similar: freshen up, eat, water plants and play chess (if possible). This time, Daisy finds a few feathers (cardinal, duck, puffin) and has an idea of what she’d like to do with them. She also enjoys seeing children out and about … maybe one day she’ll be lucky enough to have a small family of her own.

Time to go to work. Daisy started off in the booking station but decides to head up front and help with collecting civilian reports. Nice looking sim & his traits are quite attractive (thanks to the Observant reward) but duty calls (and Eric might be lurking nearby!). His claim: “I need to report a crime. You see there has been a theft … my heart …” Daisy briefly considers issuing a citation for wasting police time & moves on to the next citizen. Her report is the SAME THING! Daisy wonders if the other officers are pulling her leg or if there a reality show being filmed so heads back into the interior (after turning the reports in at the desk) so she can get some real work done. Daisy discusses the case with Kengo.

Then she checks in with the chief and gives her an update. Her response has Daisy a bit concerned. “Drifter, it’s officers like you that allow us to get hit with 3 burglaries, 5 arsons and 2 vandalisms in the last 24 hours. Get back to work!” Ouch! Daisy smiles, thanks the chief for her time and hightails it out of there.

Leaving the chief’s office, she see that the computer Miko is using broke and both she & Kengo are complaining about the equipment being utter garbage. Not wanting to get caught in that particular trap after having just left the chief, Daisy continues to the board and after looking everything over one more time … issues an APB.

She heads over to the most recent sighting and asks a couple of civilians if they’ve noticed anything. Neither have and Daisy enters the premises where she meet Dhruv.

Seeing another possible suspect through the window, Daisy proceeds with caution and carefully questions Dhruv. Still not sure, she approaches another citizen for questioning. Marcus doesn’t know much but draws her attention to Dhruv trying to sneak past. Daisy stops him and pointedly asks to see other outfits but he refuses to cooperate so she brings him in for questioning.

Note: Upon returning to the station, I noticed that the daily task list (upper left corner of game screen) is gone and then I look at her career tab. Instead of “at work”, it reads “work in x hours”. Hmm … I continue playing until her shift would normally end in the hopes that she would get paid AND receive the promotion she’s due.

Daisy brings him into the interrogation room and begins questioning him.

Daisy reviews the case file with Dhruv, showing him the crime scene photos … fingerprint evidence … witness statements … while carefully monitoring him and gauging his reactions. At first he merely seems nervous at being in the station (who wouldn’t?!) but as the evidence stacks up, Dhruv begins looking more & more scared/concerned/guilty/cornered. So many emotions flit across his face while he keeps wiping his brow and trying to maintain his innocence.

CASE CLOSED! Nice work! That’s one more criminal off the streets. Unfortunately, crime never sleeps and we have another case waiting for you. Get the assignment from a computer and get back out there!

It’s now the end of her shift & I send Daisy home, hoping the work pay and promotion will trigger.

The dogs drop by and bring a friend named Bobby. Daisy takes a few minutes to get to know Meryl. Friendly, Hunter and Independent seem like pretty nice traits and Daisy wonders why this one hasn’t been adopted yet.

It’s getting late and Daisy is tired. Another day will soon be here!

Her salary & promotion didn’t trigger so I gave her the same pay as the day before. Hopefully she WILL get promoted tomorrow or I might have her find another job.

Daisy’s story continues in Day 7

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