House 01: Day 59

Previous Day: Day 58

Day 59 (Tuesday)

Daisy had a successful Rebate Day.

Ghost Marcus enjoyed making clay sculptures and made several before deciding he was satisfied. Then he headed back to his tombstone.

The family had fun dancing together before getting ready for school and work.

Daisy gathered enough information to issue an APB and heads over to the Alam Museum of Archaeology in Selvadorada, hopeful that she will once again be successful in finding the suspect.

She’s looking for a materialistic adult female with red hair. Last seen wearing a blouse and shorts. How many of those can there be in this small building?

The only sim in sight is Ananya Mahajan and she matches the description so Daisy brings her in for questioning.

Or so she thought. Something happened during transport and her suspect was not found in the holding cells or anywhere on the station premises.
This is the first time this has happened and it is quite perplexing!

Daisy carefully searched the station before getting stopped by her boss. Apparently, he had lunch with the mayor. She was furious over something which in turn trickles down to her boss and then Daisy. The pressure is on to perform and do it well!

Back to the case board she goes to see if she can deduce a new clue. Nothing unusual stands out and her end results are the same as before. How peculiar!

This is definitely a work day that Daisy is glad to finish! She’s pleasantly surprised to learn that she received another promotion. Chief Drifter sounds good, real good!!
At this point I originally planned to not follow Daisy through her workday any more but really want her to wrap up her last case before doing this. *fingers crossed* that her luck will be better tomorrow!

Feeling pretty sharp in her new uniform, Daisy heads inside and issues her first order of business … getting homework done!

Mike nods agreement but is briefly delayed in responding due to entering a phase: Picky Eater.
Oh, boy. This should be fun. Not.

Operation Homework commences.

Poor Cookie seems to not be feeling well so Daisy takes her to the vet clinic. Cookie seems listless and fell asleep on the sidewalk when Daisy went inside to check-in. Seems like that poor kitty isn’t feeling well either.

The vet determines that Cookie has Three-Ring Flea Circus and explains the various options. Daisy opts for the expensive treatment because she’s worth it!

Daisy is really happy that Cookie feeling better! She gives her a big treat for being a good girl and staying still while the vet did what needed to be done.

They return home a short while later …

Daisy decides to make Chicken Stir Fry and gets quite enthusiastic with the meat mallets. Marc is one brave teen and approaches his mom for a bit of advice.

He wants to be friends with someone who doesn’t seem to want the same in return. What should he do? Daisy gently lets him know that he can’t force friendship.
You know what this means? Marc now has THREE positive traits that will go into effect when he ages up and … when that happens, Daisy will meet the last requirement to achieve the Super Parent aspiration!

Marc enthusiastically complimented his mom on their meal and Cookie licked her own dinner plate clean. She really enjoyed her Dogbone Meat Pie!

It wasn’t long before it was time for bed once more.

Marc made a little advancement in Dancing and Mike increased his Motor skill (via Dancing!).

Both boys got their grades up and are now ‘A’ students!

The salary and promotion bonus more than made up for the expenses that were incurred so the bank balance continued to grow. Daisy donated to the Foundation for Less Mischief because it made her smile when she saw their name on the list.

Daisy’s story continues in Day 60

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