House 01: Day 58

Previous Day: Day 57

Day 58 (Monday)

TODAY is Rebate Day!

Daisy buys a pretty vase but decides a second computer will be a more practical purchase.

Marc enjoys watching Cookie jump happily to the music. He joins her after his clay sculpture is done but faces the pictures so he can look at them while dancing.

Daisy notices how dirty Cookie has become and leads her to the tub.

Mike complains about the music being too loud and Marc responds by pointedly looks at the mess Mike made. Neither boys budge an inch before heading off to school.

Daisy turns off the music and glances at the artwork before heading off to work. She’ll deal with it when she gets home … if it hasn’t already been taken care of. It’s time to focus on her case because she has a feeling she’s close to solving it!

Noooooo! There’s still so much to do!

Daisy has gathered enough information to issue an APB and heads to Hare Square in Windenberg in the hopes of apprehending the suspect.

She’s looking for an erratic female teen with brown hair. Last seen wearing a blouse and jeans. That shouldn’t be too difficult, right?!

Daisy sees a likely suspect but also has to figure out how to bring Izumi Tanaka in for questioning without upsetting the two clubs who are holding meetings here. She quietly explains the situation to both club leaders and they agree to keep their club members occupied while she goes about her business.

“Ms Tanaka, please come with me down to the station to answer a few questions.”

This is the first suspect to hide under the covers and cry due to embarrassment so Daisy uses a softer approach while processing her at the booking station and leading her into the interview room.

Like others before her, Ms Tanaka proclaims her innocence and tries to implicate someone else but Daisy knows what tells to look for and sure enough … catches one while showing her the crime scene photos.

The witness statements also cause Ms Tanaka to trip over her words and she begins to cry. Daisy records her confession and leads her back to the holding cell. Case Closed!

This is one workday that Daisy is glad to see the end of!

She arrives home and finds Cookie rolling around in the paint. She scolds Cookie and then heads upstairs to catch Mike. “Young man, you will do your homework and then stay home while your brother and I go volunteer because you have some work of your own to take care of downstairs.”

As they are heading out, Daisy gets a call and authorizes a charitable donation.

Daisy and Marc decide that a beach cleanup to welcome summer is a good idea.

While they’re gone, Mike cleans up his mess and takes out the trash before heading to bed early. He hopes doing these extra things without being told to do them will get him back in mom’s good book again.

Marc hears a volunteer mocking another volunteer and approaches in the hopes of boosting his mood by being friendly & showing support but it backfires. The bullied sim is convinced Marc was trying to bully him too and snaps at him.

Home Sweet Home!
Although Marc wasn’t successful in helping the bullied sim, he now has a good reputation!! This should help him with making friends when he is out on his own. Between donating and volunteering, Daisy’s star has begun shining. Again.

After a quick shower, Marc heads to bed and his snores joins those coming from his brother. Good Night!

No change for either of them:

The night is still young and a certain ghost comes out to play!

A rebate check of $396 was received so there was basically a 10% savings on the items that were purchased earlier in the day. The purchases, bills and charitable donation made a dent in the bank balance but it’s still looking good!

Daisy’s story continues in Day 59

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