House 01: Day 57

Previous Day: Day 56

Day 57 (Sunday)

2nd day of vacation in Granite Falls

Mike really enjoys playing horseshoes. Some of his throws are so funny, they crack him up! After playing for a bit, he grabs a quick nap in the hope that he can get back to the game as soon as possible.

Marc enters a phase … a very familiar, LOUD phase. One look at his face and you can see how thrilled he is by this!

Daisy immediately notices the difference and asks him about the phase, hoping things will run its course faster than it did the last time.

Then she turns her attention to Cookie and works on teaching her the trick: Roll Over. Time flies & Cookie is successful in mastering this on command.

Good girl! Cookie has earned herself a treat.

The day is peppered with loud language but Daisy decides this is not a battle worth picking and holds her tongue. Marc knows he is being unreasonably loud but just can’t seem to help himself. Her well-mannered son will soon make a reappearance and then … Daisy will remove her ear buds, lol

You win some. You lose some. Daisy would rather spend time with her boys than chase fame and its fickle spotlight.

Soon the cabin settles down to a bit of quiet times. While Mike and Daisy nap, Marc catches up on his homework and extra credit assignments.

A few hours later …

Bags are packed and Cookie enjoys her “job” of herding a sleepy boy to the bathroom before the family heads home.

Daisy does one more quick sweep to make sure they’ve got everything before locking the door and turning the key in.

As soon as they arrive home, Daisy remembers what it is she forgot. The food! Several servings of Gumbo as well as the fish and a couple of strawberries (found in small boxes while fishing) were left behind in the cabin fridge.

Their enjoyable weekend inspires Daisy to make a donation to Speak for the Trees.

Marc follows in his dad’s footsteps and brews a pot of Healthy Green tea.

The trees made Mike think of hiding places. Hiding places made him think of ninjas. He asks his mom for advice on getting ready to be a ninja when he grows up and she suggests that he starts practicing his hiding skill.

Eventually things wind down and Daisy tucks her tired ninja into bed. Good Night!

No change for Marc but Mike increased his Motor skill.

Daisy orders a few upgrade parts so she can continue making improvements around their home.

Daisy’s story continues in Day 58

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