House 01: Day 56

Previous Day: Day 55

Day 56 (Saturday)

Daisy enjoyed Love Day but the boys didn’t. Maybe next year they will, too.

Marc grilled veggie burgers but Mike was perfectly happy eating the tofu dog Marc had made earlier.

Daisy signs the family up to volunteer at the local soup kitchen but it isn’t as easy as it sounds. Soup began running low and Mike thought rationing the soup is a better idea than adding filler ingredients. The recipients didn’t think so and rushed the kitchen, knocking over the soup and causing everyone to go hungry.

The only bright spot in this is the increased friendship between Marc and Mike.

Mike likes the idea of Cookie standing guard while he’s taking a bath but wishes she’d stop biting the bubbles.

While the offer is highly complimentary, Daisy has no intention of quitting her job and working her way up the corporate ladder again.

After a busy week of work and school, it’s time to relax! Daisy rents the Forest Hideaway cabin in Granite Falls for a weekend getaway.

Daisy makes a bit pot of Gumbo but Marc is too hungry to wait and skewers a hot dog to grill over an open fire.
This meal caused Daisy to reach L10 in Cooking, Congratulations, Daisy!

While the boys are chatting and eating Gumbo, Daisy heads over to the supply station and picks up a few things for Cookie.

Then the family goes fishing.

Time to head back to the cabin.

Marc heads straight to bed but Mike is too tired to walk another step and stops at a nearby bench.

Daisy keeps an eye on things and comes to get him when other campers build up a roaring fire.

Time for bed. Good Night from the Drifter family!

The boys are doing well with their skills.

Vacationing isn’t cheap but it barely makes a dent in their overall balance.

Daisy’s story continues in Day 57

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