House 01: Day 55

Previous Day: Day 54

Day 55 (Friday)

TODAY is Love Day!

Marcus drops by and his helpfulness is canceled by his haunting actions (which always breaks something!).

Once the hot tub is fixed. Marcus and Daisy spend some time rekindling their romance. The message that came with the rose he gave her brought tears to her eyes: “My heart leaps when you are near. I love you more and more each and every day.”

Thankfully, the boys are busy eating breakfast and don’t notice what’s going on outside.

The sun rising signals the end of Marcus’ visit.

Marc wants the freedom to act like an adult but Daisy reminds him that he’ll always be her baby.
Unfortunately, this results in Marc falling out of the range to gain the Responsible Trait. I’m not worried as it’s easy enough to gain it back.

A little family time brings smiles to faces and bounces to steps as the boys head off to school and Daisy goes to work.

A few more pieces of evidence to analyze and Daisy is ready to issue an APB on the possible suspect.

She heads over to Quad Manor (the library) in Windenburg and sees a sim who matches the description. Rania Mandir doesn’t seem happy about being hauled in for questioning.

Rania’s attitude doesn’t change during the time spent processing her at the booking station and then leading her into the interview room.

Eventually, Daisy is fed up with the dramatics and tells Ms Mandir it’s time to stop messing around and answer the questions.

A short while later, a full confession is given. Case closed!

Just in time too.

Daisy enjoys greeting her boys and getting their homework situated before doing anything else. Having a gardener come during the week makes her part very easy and gives her time to do other things like … donate to Toys for Elders.

Marcus invites them to spend time with him (at their house!) and enjoys seeing the boys before they head to bed.

I don’t think much has happened skill-wise.

Cookie has learned another trick!

Goodbye, Marcus. Again.

Even taking a healthy donation into consideration, the bank balance is still quite hefty.

Daisy’s story continues in Day 56

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