House 01: Day 53

Previous Day: Day 52

Day 53 (Wednesday)

In some ways, Mike is like his older brother.

In other ways, he isn’t. Mike prefers dancing over eating and certainly over doing extra credit work. He can’t understand why his older brother does yet more school work. Yuck!

Time for school! Marc heads out the door when he’s supposed to but Mike keeps on dancing and leaves almost a half hour later.

Daisy is impressed by the service provided by their gardener, Fatima Al Arabi, and gives her a $100 tip to show her appreciation.

Marc has two tests: one difficult and one a bit easier. His studying for both turns out not to be the best use of his time.

Not sure what Daisy did to increase her fame, but she earned a quirk! This quirk, Refined Palate, means that food of normal (or less) quality will be poorly received.
Ugh! This pretentiousness is so unlike Daisy.

While the boys are in school, Daisy takes Cookie to the vet clinic in Brindleton Bay.

Doctor Vihaan Basu does what he can but the spaying procedure doesn’t work.

His business partner, Doctor Kengo Hasegawa also gives it a try and isn’t successful either.
I think if spaying or neutering while in heat isn’t an option, it should be grayed out on the options menu! Although … it could be a bug. Maybe I will try again later when Cookie isn’t in heat.

Daisy discovers that fame seems to draw “friends” from the woodwork. It’s a bit awkward to tell the truth.

Now is a good time to get their minds off the vet visit by working on the trick Lie Down.

The boys arrive home and Mike tells her about his lonely recess. Daisy advises him to ask other kids if he can join in and he seems to appreciate the advice he’s been given.

Marc gets a start on homework but Mike grabs a quick nap before starting on his.

Daisy thinks it’s a shame that there aren’t any school dances or friends coming home after school but Marc shrugs and says, “It is what it is. Eventually I’ll have plenty of time for making friends and finding someone special.”

Bedtime arrives before they know it. Poor Cookie went upstairs, hoping to have someone play ball with her. Better luck next time!

Their skills are coming along nicely.

Daisy made a few changes to the garden and added a hot tub. Guess what I forgot to grab pictures of? LOL

Daisy’s story continues in Day 54

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