House 01: Day 52

Previous Day: Day 51

Day 52 (Tuesday)

Look who came to visit!

Daisy is having a busy morning. The dryer breaks (again!) … Cookie goes into heat … and Ghost Marcus is fixated on haunting sinks which results in their becoming broken.

He then starts a load of laundry and the washer soon joins the sinks in requiring repair.

Poor Daisy! Getting breakfast is normally a simple thing to accomplish but not today with dogs blocking the fridge and floating TVs giving a fright. Marc foregoes taking a shower and heads off to school in order to avoid getting caught up in it all.

Daisy also escapes to work as soon as she can, enjoying the order and structure of their routine.

To get a little fresh air, she heads out on patrol. Nothing to see except a couple of Llama Scouts.

She returns to the station and gives a brief update on her progress before heading home for the day.

Colonel Drifter sounds okay. Congratulations, Daisy!

After careful consideration, Daisy decides it is time to add to their family. Welcome to the family, Mike!

Celebrating will have to come later as both sons have homework to do.

Homework does more than achieve good grades. By helping Mike, Daisy gets to know him better and Marc continues to become more responsible.

Daisy can’t think of a better way to relax and have fun together.

All good things have to stop at some point and the boys head off to bed. Time to check on their stats.

Daisy makes a donation to Llama International before heading off to bed.

Things were moved around to add a second bed in what was Marc’s room. Now it’s the boys’ bedroom. If things get too congested, I might consider making a third bedroom.

Daisy’s story continues in Day 53

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