House 01: Day 50

Previous Day: Day 49

Day 50 (Sunday)

Today is Prank Day … not a holiday that Daisy is fond of. We’ll see what happens.

Change from a high level job to a mid level one, especially after becoming an elder sim? Thanks, but no thanks.

Marc sure loves playing with clay! Cookie wishes he would play with her instead.

Daisy decides that it’s a good time for the family to give back to their community. The two of them volunteer at a Nursing Home where Marc is asked to play a game of cards.
Doing so gains him a small increase to Empathy (yay!).

Volunteering went well and it was nice seeing Cookie waiting for them to get home. Another nice benefit of volunteering is Daisy receiving a Pristine Reputation.
Perhaps she should consider hosting a Charity Benefit Party.

A few friends stop by after lunch and Daisy decides this is a perfect time to do a few pranks.

Daisy is asked to make a contribution to a charity and quickly gives her payment details.

It’s nice having helpful friends.

Brantley leaves a cute gift behind before taking his leave.

Whew! Entertaining is fun but can be tiring. Time for some calm downtime before calling it a night.

Not much happened today. Daisy is considering a few ideas about what she’d like to do with the money.

Daisy’s story continues in Day 51

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