House 01: Day 5

Previous Day: Day 4

Day 5 (Thursday)

Daisy woke up in a happy mood even though she was hungry and lacking fun things to do. She’s definitely looking forward to her weekend time off.

It’s hard to have any fun before work when one barely has time to eat and do more than ponder a few chess moves.

As soon as Daisy arrives at work and sees a free computer, she snags it and begins adding the witness statements to the database. Seiji looks over and offers some help so Daisy thinks sharing a meal with him might be a nice way to say thank you.

On her way to the case board, Daisy can’t help but notice how nice Don looks in a uniform.

When cross-referencing the witness statements, Daisy found a few pertinent pieces and added them to the board. It’s coming along nicely!

Analysis of the collected evidence yielded another useful clue.

The winner of the lottery is … not Daisy! Bummer.

Daisy adds clues from the analyzed evidence to the board. A better picture of the suspect is beginning to form.

Today is going to be a SCORCHER! Daisy decides to process the rest of the evidence (physical and fingerprints) instead of doing anything that requires going outdoors.

Her works pays off with a pretty detailed description of the suspect. Notes, photos and other things now cover the right side of the board. Daisy took care with making sure her writing is legible so that the other officers also working this case won’t have anything to complain about in regards to her performance.

Everywhere she turns, Eric seems to be nearby. Whether she’s working hard, eating or taking a break … he’s always lurking nearby and it’s starting to get on Daisy’s nerves.

Yay! The end of shift. Time to head on home.

She’s in line for a promotion!

While gardening, Daisy invites her co-worker, Seiji, over so she can get to know him better.

He leaves midway through their conversation so Daisy heads off to do a quick collection run before bedtime. As she’s heading home, Daisy sees Eric across the street from her home lot. Sigh. She’s sure he’ll enjoy telling their co-workers about her less-than-ideal living conditions. Daisy is happy to have a new friend that doesn’t seem to mind. In fact, Seiji was there playing chess when she returns home.

Three stray dogs arrive within a few minutes of her grabbing dinner.

She sets down some food and takes a few minutes getting to know one of the dogs.

It’s getting late and her work shift will start soon so Daisy heads off to bed. She decides that it’s nice to sleep with a few protective dogs nearby.

She’s getting there!

Daisy’s story continues in Day 6

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