House 01: Day 49

Previous Day: Day 48

Day 49 (Saturday)

Daisy heard someone in the closet and thought she’d try to console them.

Apparently, Ghost Marcus wants a different type of consoling than Daisy originally thought he’d need!

“Whew! That was something else!”, Daisy thinks to herself as she grabs onto the closet door for support since her legs feel like jelly.

Thankfully Marc is oblivious or things could have gotten awkward.

Hooray! Daisy and Marc are looking forward to being able to walk around barefoot without fear of stepping in anything.

Ghost Marcus enjoys a second workout and doing a few helpful chores before taking his leave.

Marc loves on Cookie before doing his homework followed by an extra credit assignment.
This IS the 1st time he did homework without being told to do it! He also did extra credit work for the very first time! Their little boy is growing up & becoming more responsible!!

Daisy works on teaching Cookie how to fetch. Fame appears to be a ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ kind of thing but it doesn’t bother Daisy one bit since she’s not actively seeking it out.

Ghost Marcus invites them to go to the Romance Festival.

The festival offers a variety of activities. Daisy tries her hand at painting, Ghost Marcus grabs a drink and Cookie makes a mess while Marc meets a friend from school.

Daisy thinks her painting looks nice and is in the process of wrapping it up when she hears several sims mention a dog playing in the trash. Oh, no! She hurries over to pick up the can and scold her dirty dog. A quick brushing removes most of the dirt, thank goodness.! Time to distract Cookie before she can strike again.

While she is focused on her wayward dog, this happens.

Daisy smiles when she sees her son and Ghost Marcus hanging out together. The three of them enjoy sipping sakura tea before getting down on the dance floor.

It might not be hot and heavy in the romance department but spending time with those you love is just as good as far as Daisy is concerned.

Oh! Daisy is quite surprised when Ghost Marcus grabs her for a quick smooch before saying his goodbyes.

Back at home a tired teen heads to bed while Daisy coaxes Cookie into the tub.

Sigh Blowing out birthday candles on one’s own isn’t quite what Daisy expected to be doing but you work with what you’ve got. Happy Birthday, Daisy!

Goodnight from the Drifter family!

Not much happened today in terms of spending.

Daisy’s story continues in Day 50

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