House 01: Day 48

Previous Day: Day 47

Day 48 (Friday)

While the other officers gab, Daisy is getting ready to issue an APB and head out to nab the suspect.

Daisy is sent to Studio PBP in Del Sol Valley.

After a quick review of her notes, Daisy knows what she should be on the lookout for.

Saanvi Nair is the only sim in sight and fortunately for Daisy, meets the requirements needed to bring her in for questioning. Daisy’s not sure why doing her job would push her onto the path to fame but if it makes apprehending criminals easier then she is all for it!

First stop: Booking Station and then on Interrogation Room No. 1.

Daisy LOVES this part of the job! She varies her tactics so she’s always on her toes and can tell when it’s time to pull out the evidence and have the “real interview” begin.

After seeing the crime photos and fingerprint evidence, Miss Nair is ready to confess. Case closed!

Daisy is about ready to drop! She takes a quick nap before clocking out to ensure that she makes it home in one piece.

After helping Marc with his homework, Daisy leaves him playing with Cookie so she can start making his birthday cake.

ring ring
Eliza Pancakes extends an offer to become a Sitcom Star. Thanks, but no thanks.

Marc loves his cake and starts making his wish before Daisy finishes singing happy birthday to him.

Time to reveal what I rolled when he was born and which trait he would get at this stage (used a randomizer).

Happy Birthday, Marc!
I think he has his dad’s nose but the rest seems to be more Daisy than Marcus.

Here’s a picture of Daisy’s bedroom that I forgot to show in an earlier chapter.

Marc’s updated bedroom. I’m sure there will be a few more purchases in the near future.

Changes were also made to the area under the pergola.

How did Marc celebrate his transition? He ate a slice of cake and then played with the lump of clay!

The bank balance remains quite hefty even after making these purchases. Perhaps they should plan to go on another vacation soon.

Daisy’s story continues in Day 49

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