House 01: Day 47

Previous Day: Day 46

Day 47 (Thursday)

Wake up, sleepyhead. Time for school.

Daisy is glad to see the Chief again (Sorry Wolfgang, but you’re not the Chief as far as Daisy is concerned!). She’s not glad to see Mizuki’s choice of office attire and chooses to use the machine that faces away from her in case there’s a wardrobe malfunction.

Nothing much happens and the workday drags on. Daisy is glad to see the end of it.

It’s good to be home! Daisy encourages Marc to get started on his homework and jokingly leaves Cookie in charge so she can work on the laundry.

After dinner, Marc asks for advice. His latest interest is being a ninja when he grows up so Daisy smiles, ruffles his hair and tells him to practice hiding.

Hooray! Cookie has learned to sit.

ring ring
Don invites Daisy to a charity benefit and she decides to go for a little bit to support her friend & co-worker.

It’s being held at the Cantina “El Arbol del Jaquar” in Selvadorada.

Daisy heads inside and sees Don tending bar. She mingles for a little while and listens to the singer but increasingly grows disappointed as the caterer socializes instead of setting nibbles out on trays. Eventually, she slips next to Don and makes a donation before excusing herself.

Slipping out the back, she notices the trash can has been knocked over and sets things right before heading home.

It feels good to be home! It also feels good knowing she helped someone less fortunate than herself.

Marc’s stats:

A fairly quiet day and the bank balance steadily increases.

Daisy’s story continues in Day 48

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