House 01: Day 46

Previous Day: Day 45

Day 46 (Wednesday)

Daisy got a bit of a shock when she went past the Chief’s office.

Determined to not let that rattle her, Daisy heads to the case board and gets to work She has a pretty good idea of what their suspect is like and issues the APB. Time to head to the Salty Paws Saloon in Brindleton Bay!

The only sim in sight is Houda Mandir, a student at Buckingham High who works as a Bean Blender at The Frothy Foamer. While Daisy wouldn’t consider her hair to be brown, she brings Houda in for questioning anyway.

“No, it wasn’t me!” sob … “Enough, Miss Mandir! I haven’t asked you anything yet!” … “Let’s get started, shall we?” and Daisy begins reviewing the case with her.

Faced with the overwhelming evidence placed in front of her, Miss Mandir realizes the jig is up and gives a full confession.

Daisy updates her boss and the response isn’t quite what she expects. “Drifter, you think you’re pretty smart, don’t you? I bet you think you’re the smartest gal in the room. Well, I am here to tell you that I’ve had bladder failures with twice the brains you’ve got lady.”
In case you’re curious, his traits are Active, Gloomy and Mean.

Daisy heads upstairs to get her head back in the game … suddenly, a voice interrupts her concentration and stumble down goes Daisy! … Don helps her up and leaves after apologizing but Daisy isn’t sure she wants to continue and carefully steps off the machine.

There’s a bit more chaos downstairs but this is something that Daisy can easily handle. Caleb’s thanks also helps boost her mood.

Daisy heads home in a better mood than when she arrived at work. She’s been promoted to Captain and Marc has pulled his grades up to an A. Congratulations all around!!

And … Daisy has an idea for how they can celebrate!

Daisy spends time with the three choices before making her decision.

Welcome to the family … Cookie! (Daisy and Marc think this name suits her better than Lola)

Marc hugs both of them good night before running upstairs to share the good news with Blueberry.

Marc’s stats:

As cute as Cookie is, Daisy knows there will be a bit of training ahead for all of them as they work out what is acceptable behavior and what isn’t.

Plenty of time to sort it all out. Good Night!

The balance is quite nice but is sure to change when Marc becomes a teen and they have to renovate his room.

Daisy’s story continues in Day 47

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