House 01: Day 45

Previous Day: Day 44

Day 45 (Tuesday)

Daisy will be glad when Marc’s phase is over.

It’s not all bad. He has moments where he does things without being told.

Whew! The phase ends.
Daisy quickly turns the stereo off before giving her son a big hug.
3They’ve become best friends.

Even though they’ve grown closer, Marc still has his moments.

“Clean up that mess, young man!” … Marc gulps when he realizes his mom was right behind him … busted!

Here’s a quick peek at some of the improvements that have been made.

Daisy receives word that her friend and co-worker, Seiji, passed. It was difficult meeting the new Lab Tech (Mizuki Mori) so Daisy spends the day updating the database … crying … fixing the computer … crying … staring at the case board and not connecting all the dots even though she knows she has enough info to issue an APB.

Daisy is glad when quitting time rolls around and she can head home.

She’s even happier when her son greets her with a hug.

A little later …

Daisy receives a text and almost passes out. It’s from Marcus!

Should she? Shouldn’t she? Is this a hoax?
Daisy heads over to the restaurant, ready to give the sim a piece of her mind if need be.

It IS Marcus and he’s very happy to see her! They talk for a while and when it gets to be more than Daisy can handle, she hugs him goodbye and heads home. She silently wishes that he would come home with her but apparently Ghost Marcus isn’t finished being at the restaurant.

Daisy checks on Marc before heading outside to finish the evening by her husband’s tombstone and breaks down when he doesn’t appear.

Was seeing him real or wishful thinking on her part?

Marc’s stats:

A few more things were added to the house & I just realized that the screenshots don’t show them. Oops!

Daisy’s story continues in Day 46

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